Fox’s Ed Henry: Reporters Were ‘Salivating’ Like ‘Rabid Dogs’ Over Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment

Fox’s Ed Henry: Reporters Were ‘Salivating’ Like ‘Rabid Dogs’ Over Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment

After President Donald Trump declared “these are animals” during an immigration roundtable Wednesday, conservative media and Trump’s allies quickly cried foul over much of the mainstream media’s framing of the president’s comments. They insisted that the president’s remarks were taken out of context as it was clear he wasn’t talking about undocumented immigrants in general but instead just describing violent MS-13 gang members. Soon enough, a number of outlets capitulated and corrected or clarified their stories.

On Friday morning, Fox & Friends continued to chastise the press for how they initially reported on the president’s comments. With Trump tweeting out that the “Fake News got it purposely wrong,” the curvy couch sitters took aim at reporters for jumping on a particular narrative. And co-host Ed Henry likened journalists to…animals.

“Ed, you’ve followed politics for so long and worked in the White House,” Abby Huntsman asked Henry. “Have you ever seen media so quick to jump — especially on a narrative like this — that is so wrong? It’s false.”

“Sometimes it’s like rabid dogs,” Henry responded. “You could just see people salivating at the idea, we have the president on something. He called immigrants animals. Well, he called gang members animals.”

Sometimes, you just can’t make this up.

Watch the video below, via Media Matters.

Justin Baragona

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