Keith Olbermanns’s Election Day Message: A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For National Suicide

Keith Olbermanns’s Election Day Message: A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For National Suicide

In his final YouTube video for GQ before the next president of the United States is chosen, Keith Olbermann explained what is at stake. Olbermann warned voters yet again that Donald Trump would threaten American democracy itself and this election is crucial.

Olbermann said that Donald Trump was ‘representing national suicide’ and compared the election to the 1864 presidential election when General George McClellan ran against Abraham Lincoln on a promise to negotiate peace with the Confederacy and repudiate the Emancipation Proclamation.

“Not since that day exactly 152 years ago have we Americans voted on whether or not to put ourselves out of existence,” Olbermann said. “For all the existential national crises of the intervening century and a half since Abraham Lincoln was re-elected, none of those moments when the United States of America could have perished included national suicide. That’s how deadly serious today is.”

Olbermann explained the choice between voting for Hillary Clinton or putting “the full power of the government into the hands of an overwrought child, a man who thinks he is God’s gift to mankind and always had too much money to be impacted by his own failures, the sadistic bully with a cult but not a clue, who indeed can be baited by a tweet, who spent much of the the last three days of his campaign, even this morning, complaining about Beyoncé and Jay Z.”

“The democracy, the country, are more fragile and have faced more perils than most of us ever choose to admit,” Olbermann said. “But nearly always, these perils have been external and have unified us and not been the result of the kind of cancer not merely growing form within the country but fed and fueled and nurtured and exploited by a psychopathic liar who was gamed democracy and is still, this very day, positioned to destroy democracy.”

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.