The Sincerest Plea For You Not To Vote For Donald Trump

The Sincerest Plea For You Not To Vote For Donald Trump


Don’t vote for Donald Trump.

Compare him to President Obama. Obama is president for a reason: he is a guy who has his life together and can therefore work to help America get its life together. He has a great family, and his occupations have included teaching Constitutional law, community-organizing in the Chicago South-side, and legislating at both the state and national levels. And he had a successful, scandal-free presidency that accomplished much of what he campaigned on, despite the opposition party believing he might be the literal antichrist.

Obama is the embodiment of moderate, compassionate liberalism, and he did Republicans a favor by not sinking to the Tea Party’s level of fundamentalist, political vitriol even as the GOP opposed and obstructed virtually everything he said or did. After eight years, the reality is that the Great Recession is over and America is finally ready to start solving real societal problems because of his stewardship. The problems the Republican Party caused during the George W. Bush presidency have been reversed, and the Obama Administration was proof that government can work well if we try because even hiccups can be solved since no big, collaborative project of public governance will be perfect immediately. Fundamentally, Obama was an obviously qualified and capable president.

You know who else is capable and qualified to be president? Hillary Clinton, and she is even more qualified than Obama was. She has worked at literally every level of public service. On a basic level she knows what to do, and, more importantly, she knows how America’s political system operates in order to legislate and execute public policy for long-term thinking, economic growth, and emotionally stable foreign policy. The world is globalized, and the rest of the nations matter. Only Democrats seem to understand this.

Donald Trump, in contrast, has a plan to rip up every agreement America has signed, to break every promise America has ever made, and to start intentionally screwing over the rest of the world with trade deals that are written with double middle fingers. America will not thrive if Trump pisses off the rest of the world, and foreign nations stop wanting to share in and contribute to America’s still-dominant currency, culture and language.

Meanwhile Trump literally wants to deport millions of our neighbors. This is unsound and irrational self-destruction. Trump doesn’t care if new countries build nuclear weapons; he doesn’t care if NATO ends; he also has insane conflicts of interest with international oligarchs, which he relies on for business deals because he can’t get any funding in the USbecause American banks have learned the lesson not to loan him money. These are all recipes for national self-destruction.

His financial plan is to threaten a default on America’s debt in order to get out of paying other countries the debt to which all Americans’ names have been signed, and it naturally begs the following question: what if other countries decide to actually force us into bankruptcy? We’re royally fucked, that’s what.

A national default is a terrible hand we should not give Trump to bluff against China. Do you want the world to stop basing the entire global economy on the American dollar and stock exchange? Because that’s how that happens. Don’t “just trust” him, no matter how often he begs for your vote with used car salesman claims that he alone can fix America, and that he has the best words, and that he has the best temperament, and that no one understands the tax code as well as him, and that he’s great with militaries, and that he knows more than the generals, and that no one respects women more than him, and that he’d tell us how he’d defeat ISIS but then ISIS would know. He doesn’t know anything. Only liars talk like Donald Trump talks.

Furthermore, Trump is objectively a terrible businessman. He is not successful: he ruined all of his companies and everything he’s run, and his creditors bailed him out solely because they realized all his stupid, gaudy properties would be worthless if he ever stopped flaunting the wealth he doesn’t actually have to entice other sociopathically wealthy or wannabe-wealthy people to spend money on his dumb Trump-branded hotels, ties, vodka, steaks and his scam university. He will wreck havoc on America’s economy, and the US budget will just be another inherited source of wealth for him to waste by self-aggrandizing his terrible personality.

The debt is important, and Trump absolutely will not be able to raise governmental funds to pay it off, especially considering that he wants to lower taxes to the catastrophically low rate of the 1920s, which of course helped provoke the Great Depression. The mere idea of Trump somehow getting elected makes people want their money out of the stock market, and if Trump gets elected America will literally fall into a recession because the political instability and uncertainty that he represents will not encourage or attract investmentespecially because there is no way his plan to deport the 5 million+ people who do the jobs white Americans need done but don’t actually want to do themselves will lead to anything other than another Great Depression. And we won’t even have affordable fruit to console us. You know why fruit is so cheap? Because the immigrant workers who pick it for us are paid less than the minimum wage. They are victims of capitalism, and Trump has convinced his voters that they are the reason all Americans aren’t rich. It’s classic scapegoating. It’s the only political schtick Trump has.

As such, Donald Trump is wildly unprepared and unqualified to be president. He simply has no priorities beyond looking out for himself, and his ego takes so much of his time and attention that there won’t be any attention left in his shallow, skim mind for Americans’ problems. A President Trump would stumble from from one scandal to another, always with some disgusting, sociopathic 3am Twitter response until America finally realizes it has elected a narcissistic, trust-fund toddler who has genuinely earned neither his wealth, the presidency, nor even his citizenship to a country he neither pays taxes to nor respects.

A Trump presidency would destroy our economy, repulse the rest of the world away from American leadership, and ruin our culture. Let’s save ourselves the trouble of figuring this out the hard way. Vote for the adult. Vote for Hillary.

Picture courtesy of Meet the Press.
Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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