Samantha Bee: The Party Of Lincoln Is Becoming The Party Of Pepe

Samantha Bee: The Party Of Lincoln Is Becoming The Party Of Pepe

Samantha Bee took on the Alt-Right last night on Full Frontal. Bee wanted to explain how Donald Trump’s campaign had brought the Alt-Right into the mainstream of American politic. As usual, Bee had harsh words for Trump’s supporters.

“Imagine if you will a small swarm of venomous pests trying to turn the party of Lincoln into the party of Pepe,” Bee said. “White nationalist ghouls have always been there lurking in the shadows but the Trump campaign has been like Christmas morning for them. Real Christmas, with none of that dreidel or Kwanzaa bullshit.”

“Basically alt-right is a big tent, or a big rock, under which which creeps a diverse assortment of paleo-conservatives, men’s rights misogynists, right-wing populists, anti-PC crusaders, Jew-baiters, white-ethno nationalists, southern secessionists, Islamaphobes, Holocaust deniers, self-described satirists, trolls, doctors, cyberbullies and good old-fashioned neo-Nazis,” Bee said.

“Today’s American white nationalist isn’t just gathering with other local dickheads for backyard cross burnings and barbeques,” Bee said. “He’s on the internet, networking with other dickheads throughout the world — or at least the white parts of the world.”

You can watch below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.