Will The Media Please Stop Encouraging Trump’s Kids To Enter Politics Themselves?

Will The Media Please Stop Encouraging Trump’s Kids To Enter Politics Themselves?

Why on Earth did CNN think that Eric Trump would be able to provide any worthwhile commentary on the Vice-Presidential debate post-analysis?

Did Eric Trump beg for it? Or pay money for it? Did CNN beg or pay money for it? Eric came across as Donald’s mini-me, and even spoke in the same disjointed, vocabulary-challenged, family-narcissistic manner. It didn’t look good for CNN while Eric evaded every single question regarding the Trump family’s finances and tax evasion, and it certainly didn’t look good for Eric Trump or the Trump family at large.

With little to say beyond his father’s campaign talking points, he came across as a hack for the budding Trump political machine. The Trumps may not have anywhere near as much money as they braggadociously pretend they do, but the Trump kids have undeniably inherited the je-ne-sais-quoi swagger of Trumpian egomania.

Maybe one of the worst parts of Election 2016, whoever wins, is that Eric Trump has been introduced to the American electorate via the Trump name, and that he will undoubtedly run for office himself in coming elections. What else would he do? He’s lived his 32 years coddled comfortably inside an epic trust fund nest egg, and will likely never have to self-sufficiently earn his own money for as long as he lives. He might as well be compensated by the American taxpayer as well.

Eric Trump is already following in his father’s footsteps, even fraudulently spending his eponymously-named charity’s money (donated conspicuously by other, non-Trump-related people) into Trump companies. Is Eric Trump a “blue-collar billionaire” like his father? Eric Trump started his fraudulent, multi-million dollar charity at age 22. He’s just like us.

Given that Trump has hired all of his first marriage’s children as executives in his various businesses, it appears that the apples have not wanted to fall very far from the tree. Which means that another American generation will have the blessing to be graced by Trump family narcissists.

Donald himself has volunteered in the past that his daughter Ivanka would make a great cabinet member. By law Donald would be barred from appointing any of his relatives to the cabinet according to the RFK-relevant,1967 anti-nepotism statute, but maybe Donald Trump would work to repeal that law—he’s already announced plans to water down the First Amendment so that he can sue critical journalists, as well as the Fourth Amendment so that he constitutionally legitimize stop-and-frisk into standard, national police protocol.

Don’t ask me which position Ivanka is qualified for, but if Trump somehow found a way to circumvent the law and actually appoint Ivanka—say to the Trump-relevant Department of Housing and Urban Development?—he would have to stop making awkward, incestuous-sounding comments on his daughter’s body and her dating desirability. It would certainly be unbecoming for the the President of the United States to publicly hit on one of his cabinet secretaries, and even more so because he fathered her. Yikes.

The idea that the Trumps have become a political dynasty is disconcerting. If the fraud-loving Donald Trump has done nothing to deserve the top job in American public service, his kids have done even less riding his coattails. I wish, at the very least, CNN would stop encouraging them.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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