9/11 Truther Alex Jones Starts Recruiting Election Observers For Trump

9/11 Truther Alex Jones Starts Recruiting Election Observers For Trump

InfoWars’ Alex Jones is well-known as America’s biggest peddler of right-wing conspiracy theories. The Trump-supporting podcast host has weighed into the discussion about election rigging and called on his listeners to volunteer.

Jones warned against fake polls and vote rigging, echoing Donald Trump’ comments that if he loses certain states, the only reason will be cheating. Jones referred to ‘internal polls’ that nobody has seen showing ‘Trump on average, seven points ahead in basically California strongholds for the Democrats, New York, that’s why they are crapping their pants.’. This claim is not borne out by professional polling or polling analysis.

“Donald Trump is our general, we are modern Paul Reveres and it’s time to get out there and be involved,” Jones said. “I intend to be a poll-watcher myself and I intend to be out there doing exit polls, my patriotic duty.” Anyone familiar with Jones may feel uncomfortable with the idea of him monitoring polling stations.

Jones is a hard right radio host who has promoted a string of outlandish conspiracy theories. He has suggested that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the US government and that several mass shootings, including Sandy Hook, were ‘false flag’ operations organized by the government.

InfoWars is a favorite of right-wing voters who buy into the web of conspiracies that Trump has been tapping into. Stories about all Syrian refugees being ‘military aged’ men were promoted by InfoWars and later shared by Trump. Trump has used information from questionable sources throughout his campaign and he is now openly embracing conspiracy theorists who believe the election will be stolen.

You can watch Jones’ call to arms below.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.