CNN Ain’t Buying GOP’s BS That Trump Can Write $100 Million Check To His Campaign

CNN Ain’t Buying GOP’s BS That Trump Can Write $100 Million Check To His Campaign

There’s ignoring an issue, there’s being delusional, and then there’s doing what Republican National Committee strategist Sean Spicer did on Tuesday.

During an interview on CNN, Spicer tried to pretend everything is absolutely rosy with Donald Trump’s campaign, even though in the previous 24 hours Trump had fired his campaign manager and released financials that revealed his campaign has only $1.3 million in the bank, after raising a paltry $3.1 million in May. For comparison’s sake, Hillary Clinton currently has over $42 million on hand and raised more than $26 million last month.

When presented with the question regarding Trump’s lack of money, Spicer tried to throw some ol’ bullshit at anchors Kate Bolduan and John Berman, insisting that Trump’s limited campaign contributions were no issue because the candidate could quickly “write a $100 million check” and build up his war chest.

Of course, at this point, after seeing the actual FEC filings, it has become obvious to those in the media, and most political observers, that Trump doesn’t have the capacity to do that. Look at the big stink he made when the Washington Post called him out for not donating the million bucks he promised to the vets, forcing him to finally cut the check. It was apparent that, despite his claims of being worth $10 billion, he doesn’t have that much money readily available.

Therefore, both Berman and Bolduan called out Spicer for trying to sell them a lemon. While he kept claiming that both Trump and the RNC are in excellent shape from a fundraising standpoint — the RNC raised the same amount in May as it did in April, without an established presidential nominee — the CNN duo kept grilling him, not letting him fall back to his tried and true talking points.

At one point, after Spicer once again proclaimed Trump could write that big check in “two seconds,” Bolduan¬†shot back, “Has Trump told you he’s going to write those checks?” The RNC flack insisted The Donald had “the option,” only to be countered by Berman, who said “the option doesn’t matter if he doesn’t use it.”

Spicer kept yelling out that this was all a “false narrative” because Trump is super-rich and he’ll make sure he has the money to keep his campaign afloat, even if fundraising continues to slump. WHICH IT WON’T, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Seriously, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, according to Sean Spicer. The RNC is VERY HAPPY with Donald Trump and the energy he brings to the party. Things couldn’t be better! HONEST!

Below is video of the exchange, courtesy of Raw Story:


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