CNN Gets Under Trump’s Skin By Using On-Screen Text To Fact-Check Him On Japan Nukes

CNN Gets Under Trump’s Skin By Using On-Screen Text To Fact-Check Him On Japan Nukes

Lately, Republican nominee and PR flack cosplayer Donald Trump has made it extremely difficult for cable news networks to be ‘fair’ to him, considering that he can’t go a few minutes without blatantly lying and contradicting earlier statements he made. With The Donald dealing with the fallout of the Trump U court records being released, along with his disastrous press conference earlier in the week where the press finally fought back, he’s taken to calling Hillary Clinton a liar, thinking that will change the news cycle.

Unfortunately for the ex-Apprentice host, his latest attacks on Hillary have also backfired, since the media has easily been able to show that it’s he who is lying, not Clinton. See, at recent rallies, he’s stated that the former Secretary of State is falsely claiming he said that Japan should have nuclear weapons. However, the fact is that he DID actually say that numerous times, and it wasn’t until Wednesday’s Sacramento event where he unequivocally said that he did not want the country to be armed with nukes.

During a Thursday morning broadcast on CNN, hosts Kate Bolduan and John Berman discussed Trump’s contradictions over his previous positions. The graphics team also got a bit cheeky, placing on-screen a chyron that read: “Trump: I Never Said Japan Should Have Nukes (He Did)”.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of The Hill:



Naturally, because Trump is a whiny little bitch, he did what he always does — go to Twitter to piss and moan.



But that’s the thing, Donald. They didn’t misrepresent you. They played your own words, showed the video, and then pointed out that you lied about saying it in the first place. This is what happens when you say things during interviews. They come back to haunt you. And, now, it appears networks and media outlets — with the obvious exception of Fox News — now realize they need to stop just taking you at your word. You’ve been running for POTUS for a year now…they have a ton of footage to playback and show your obvious lies and flip-flops.

If CNN, MSNBC, broadcast news and the major papers and news sites continue to expose Trump’s past, use his own words against him and push back against his assertion that the media is dishonest and needs to be quieted, it is going to be a long five months for him. Not because it will change the minds of his loyal followers (it won’t), but because the scrutiny will drive him literally crazy. He can’t deal with even a little bit of it, let alone a full-court press.

Justin Baragona

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