Donald Trump Turns On Joe Scarborough, Calls ‘Morning Joe’ A “Rapidly Fading” Show

Donald Trump Turns On Joe Scarborough, Calls ‘Morning Joe’ A “Rapidly Fading” Show

Out of nowhere on Friday afternoon, Republican standard bearer and always angry slab of ham Donald Trump decided to attack his old pal and squinty-eyed rage factory Joe Scarborough. The Donald took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to lob a couple of grenades at the Morning Joe host. As one would expect, the attacks were typical Donald, with him claiming the MSNBC program’s ratings are tanking and that Scarborough lacks intelligence.



Apparently, what pissed Trump off is that Morning Joe ran a segment on Friday regarding the possibility of a third person running as a ‘Stop Trump’ alternative. During the panel discussion, Scarborough stated that “there is not a better time for someone to run as an independent candidate.” This comes on the heels of Joe saying that he couldn’t see himself voting for Trump if he continues to promote a ban on all Muslims.

Joe responded to Trump on Twitter with his own dose of faux bravado and phony toughness:



Notice how Trumpian Joe’s tweets are? The talk about ratings? The personal insults? Daddy taught him well!

Now, there are some interesting things at play here. First, there is the rank hypocrisy of Trump getting mad about Morning Joe discussing independent campaigns considering that he’s been begging Bernie Sanders to stay in the race as a third-party candidate in a transparent attempt to split the votes.

Another thing to consider is that Rob Reiner appeared on the program Thursday and made waves by calling out Morning Joe and the rest of the media for not highlighting Trump’s racism and lunacy. While Joe and Mika tried to defend themselves and fight back, the amount of coverage the segment received could have potentially led to a change in how MJ treats Trump.

Therefore, we’re seeing the former reality star go to his old bag of tricks — something he’s used many times with Fox News and other media outlets — to try to push the program back into his corner. He’s basically threatening them with no more appearances and that he’ll sic his loyal Trumpkins on them if they don’t go back to being Morning Trump.

I think we all know right now that Joe will capitulate, just like he always does.


ETA: Gawker’s Alex Pareene pointed out Trump’s pro wrestling history and how this is likely all just a ‘work’.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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