Leaked Donald Trump Voicemails Confirm His Super Cozy Relationship With MSNBC

Leaked Donald Trump Voicemails Confirm His Super Cozy Relationship With MSNBC

On Friday, Gawker published a post on its site revealing that they had received a veritable treasure trove of damning information. The publication received an audio file from a group of anonymous hackers who had successful accessed one of Donald Trump’s voicemail accounts. The saved voicemails were not only from a from a number of Trump’s well-known celeb friends, such as Don King and Tom Brady, but also from some of MSNBC’s most visible personalities.

Yep. Trump saved messages from MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall and Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. While it has been reported numerous times that  Joe  and Mika have been a bit too cozy and cordial with the man running for President, and that they have an offscreen friendship with him, the revelation that Hall is close enough with The Donald to ring him up for friendly chats will hit many as almost unbelievable.

The hacked voicemails from Hall, while not independently verified but almost certainly her, show that she and Trump appear to be quite close. Hall lets the celebrity billionaire know how awesome she thinks he is and graciously thanks him for some favor. She also shows appreciation for Trump giving her an additional discount at Gucci so she could buy an expensive dress. In another call, Hall tried to give the real estate mogul some advice on a video he posted, which was possibly his call for President Obama to release his birth certificate in 2012.

As for Joe and Mika, the undated message they left was from both of them. In the voicemail, they wanted to thank Trump for some kind of gift he had given them and Joe’s kids. (Scarborough’s children yelled thank you to Trump.) Below is the transcript of the message, via Gawker:


BRZEZINSKI: Hi, Donald. It’s Mika and Joe calling. Say hi, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH: Hey there, Donald. How you doing?

BRZEZINSKI: We’re just leaving you a message because we’re trying to get in touch with you, but you must be, like, on your jet or something. We’d love to talk to you, so call one of us. What’s your other number, Joe?

SCARBOROUGH: I’m at [REDACTED]. And the kids want to scream “Thank you,” to you, Donald. Say, “Thank you, Donald.”

CHILDREN: Thank you!

SCARBOROUGH: We are so, so grateful for everything, Donald, and we just want to call you and tell you how much it means to us.

BRZEZINSKI: It was amazing. Thank you, Donald. Hope to talk to you soon. Bye.


Hell, this message not only further exposes the close, ultra-cozy relationship Donald enjoys with Joe and Mika, but also feeds into the innuendo surrounding Brzezinski and Scarborough’s own relationship.

Per Gawker, they have 35 messages totaling nearly a half-hour. Also, this scoop comes as fellow Republican candidates are calling on Donald Trump to release audio recordings or transcripts of an off-the-record interview he gave to the New York Times, where it has been reported that he revealed that most of his hard-line stances, especially on immigration, are just to attract support from bigoted conservative voters, and that he won’t go through with them of elected.

Based on how Trump has been able to survive every other negative story surrounding him this election, it is questionable if this will have any impact on him going forward. However, with the recent negative press surrounding MSNBC over both its coverage of Trump and its recent personnel moves, this could be extremely devastating to the credibility of the network. If for nothing else, it reinforces the notion that the mainstream media and the political world have an incestuous relationship with each other.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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