Jeb Bush Comes To Rick Snyder’s Defense Over Flint Water Crisis Because Of Course

Jeb Bush Comes To Rick Snyder’s Defense Over Flint Water Crisis Because Of Course

Apparently, former Florida Governor and mama’s boy Jeb Bush is actively going out of his way to self-destruct his historically inept run at the White House. In an interview with ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Bush told guest host Martha Raddatz that he believes Michigan Governor Rick Snyder should be praised for his leadership in the aftermath of the Flint water crisis. Also, he blamed everything happening in the city on “over-regulation” and proposed getting rid of health and environmental regulatory agencies.

From the show’s transcript:


RADDATZ: I want to move to some of the domestic issues. Let’s talk about what’s going on in Flint, Michigan, a city of 100,000 Americans who’ve been drinking, bathing, brushing their teeth in lead contaminated water while the government was telling them repeatedly it’s safe to use.

One estimate says thousands of children were exposed to lead and that will cause developmental and behavioral issues. They will need millions of dollars of care for the rest of their lives.

How is this possible in the United States of America and who’s responsible?

BUSH: It is horrific and it is related to the fact that we’ve created this complex, no-responsibility regulatory system, where the federal government, the state government, a regional government, local and county governments are all pointing fingers at one another.

It is a tragedy and what we need to do is to have a 21st century system of rules. Whenever you see a problem, it should become public. There should be transparency…


RADDATZ: How much blame does Governor —

BUSH: And when — we need governor leaders to take steps.

Well, he’s taken — he’s taken responsibility. And I admire that. He’s not saying that it’s someone else’s fault. He’s rolling up his sleeves and trying to — trying to deal with this.

But he has a responsibility. He’s admitted. And —


RADDATZ: Should he resign?

BUSH: — EPA and so does local government.

No, he needs to do what he’s doing, which is to accept responsibility and begin to solve the problem.

RADDATZ: You once called him “a spectacular governor.”

Do you still think so?

BUSH: I think he’s been a great governor for Michigan. Michigan was on its knees when he became governor and he’s led to a rebound and forged consensus and I think he’s doing a good job in that regard.

This is a tragedy that we ought to focus; instead of blaming people, what he’s doing is creating a strategy to fix it because it is a complete disaster.


Yep, you read that right. Jeb with exclamation point went out of his way to defend perhaps the most unpopular elected official in the country right now, because Bush is an idiot who is running the worst Presidential campaign in the history of this country. Maybe it is the similarities between Snyder’s handling of Flint’s disaster to Jeb’s brother’s slow reaction to Hurricane Katrina that has Bush feeling sympathetic towards the Republican guv. Regardless, it is beyond idiotic to embrace Snyder and commend him for his actions.

And, because Jeb! is consistent with his moronic actions, he also went on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday and said the same thing about Snyder. Speaking to host Jake Tapper, Bush had the following to say about the awesomeness that is his buddy Rick:

“I admire Rick Snyder for stepping up right now. He’s going to the challenge. He’s fired people and accepted responsibility to fix this…Instead of saying, ‘The dog ate my homework, it’s someone else’s fault,’ once it became clear, he’s taking the lead now. That’s exactly what I think leaders have to do.”

I guess leaders also push a city to change its water supply to save a few bucks while simultaneously misleading them on the safety of the new water source. And, when caught red-handed, good leaders also try to duck the issue until heavy media scrutiny finally forces them to admit they fucked up. But, no worries, because they’ll still have some idiots out there who will defend them on national television and call them spectacular and great and responsible.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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