Laura Ingraham On Obama: He “Despises” America Because He Thinks It’s A “Horrible Country”

Laura Ingraham On Obama: He “Despises” America Because He Thinks It’s A “Horrible Country”

Conservatives upped their complaints about President Obama and his continued support of Syrian war refugees on Thursday. While Republicans and a number of Democrats passed a bill that would essentially suspend America’s commitment to take in 10,000 refugees from war-torn Syria starting next year, right-wing pundits and talking heads took to the airwaves to bash Obama and toss out some more red-meat to their rabid listeners. Radio host and monotone speech enthusiast Laura Ingraham was one of the loudest voices on Thursday.

Ingraham, a renowned immigrant hater and Islamophobe, took issue with the President striking back at Republican governors and lawmakers over their efforts to turn back refugees from their states and cities. He also trashed GOP Presidential candidates for using harsh rhetoric towards those seeking asylum, essentially painting those fleeing violence as radical terrorists looking to kill Americans. In Ingraham’s opinion, Obummer needs to shut his yap because he hates America anyway.

Yep, going on a long-winded rant, Ingraham said the President “despises middle America” because he sees it as a “dark horrible country”. This is the level of our political discourse now. This is where we are.

Below is a transcript of her tirade, via Media Matters:


“Paul Ryan had an opportunity as the new Speaker of the House to tell conservatives that he was with them, and that he was going to have a full and fair airing of the differences. Remember, he promised that. He promised that it was going to be a new way forward, on disagreements within the party. And while it sounds good on the surface, that Paul Ryan wants a pause and says well we’re going to have four people verify that these are not a security risk, he goes on to use the language of the left. “We can’t have a religious test,” he said, “we can’t have a religious test.”

Why would you use Obama’s phrasing, unless you were more worried about what the New York Times editorial board, or the elites at the Council on Foreign Relations thought about you, than you were about what your own people thought of you? The people of this country who spoke out in a poll yesterday, 52 or three percent saying they don’t want this. These refugees, they don’t want them. They want to take care of business at home. Or the individuals who just hope that they would have a Republican Speaker of the House, who didn’t feel the need to form common cause, even rhetorically, with Barack Obama.

This is an opportunity for the Republicans to grow their party, grow the movement of sanity in Washington, common sense. But when given the chance, Paul Ryan moves to defeat reasonable amendments to this. Reasonable amendments, from such people as Congressman Brian Babin from Texas. And his amendment would have stopped the immigration, stopped it. Paul Ryan puts a so called ‘pause’, which doesn’t really pause it, because you know the administration can come up with some type of verification that on the surface will look fine. How many of you trust this administration to vet anyone? On what basis? Are they going to vet them as well as they vetted those Somalians, who went up to Minnesota and then went back to fight with the Islamists in Africa? You going to do as well as they vetted the Tsarnaev family? That same vetting, really? That worked out really well for us, didn’t it? We’re going to trust this administration?

By the way, the same guy who looked down, remember he looked down his nose and attacked Paul Ryan to his face a few years ago? You think Paul Ryan would learn after that, right? Obama just despises you, and frankly he despises middle America, he cannot stand middle America, he thinks it’s a rotten, horrible, dark, horrible country. That’s what Obama believes. He despises the American understanding so much that he goes over to the Philippines and he trashes half of the governors of the United States of America. And Paul Ryan’s going to use his language?”


And below is audio of her little bit of hatred, also courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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