Bill O’Reilly Says National Guard Needs To Be Sent Into Chicago To Stop “Sociopathic” Blacks

Bill O’Reilly Says National Guard Needs To Be Sent Into Chicago To Stop “Sociopathic” Blacks

It is no secret that Fox News host and well-paid fabulist Bill O’Reilly has used his platform over the past few months to both rail against the Black Lives Matter movement and criticize the black community for not doing enough to curb black on black violence. You can’t go a night without Bill-O claiming BLM activists want cops dead or the former Inside Edition anchor bringing up the murder rate in south Chicago. On Monday night, Papa Bear continued his crusade of labeling African-Americans as vicious thugs when he called for the National Guard to be sent into Chicago.

During a segment discussing the violence in Chicago and the recent murder of a 9-year-old boy by a group of gang members, O’Reilly not only said that military personnel needed to be deployed into urban neighborhoods to patrol the streets, but he also said that the culture is “sociopathic.” In this instance, he just decided to drop his dog whistle and replace it with a bullhorn.

Below is a transcript of his conversation with a couple of guests, courtesy of Media Matters:


BILL O’REILLY (HOST): Now, I’ve called for Chicago and the mayor of Chicago and the governor of Illinois to put the National Guard in these areas just for a while. Just to stop the daily carnage. Would you support that, Mr. Ward?

HOWARD WARD: No I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t support that because, Bill, this situation right here, we all know this is by design. All I want to know is one thing, Chicago and other areas of Chicago it’s not happening. Only on the south side, Engelwood, [inaudible], areas like that. Why it’s not happening in the other areas where its predominantly white folks at? That’s what I want know.


HARTMAN: It seems to be obviously gang related. And I think it is time for the National Guard. I have written that as you know, Mr. O’Reilly, and every time I write it I get attacked to say oh you don’t want to it do that. We are in a state of emergency and I think you do want to do that on a temporary basis to stabilize-

O’REILLY: That’s right. Stabilize it and protect the poor law abiding people who are being held hostage.

HERMENE HARTMAN: That’s right. They are being held hostage. People are living in fear. People are scared. They are scared to let their children go to school. It’s kind of you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. And these kids are getting killed in daily normal routine activities, going to your grandmother’s house, coming from your grandmother’s house, standing in front of your school, riding the bus, in the playground. The kids are doing what they should do as kids. But this gang thing, where does it come from? I don’t know where it comes from and where could do the guns come from?

O’REILLY: It comes from easy money and a culture that is sociopathic.


This is standard O’Reiily. Whitesplain to the black community that their culture is fucked and they need to embrace white conservative values if they want to strive in today’s America. Also, make sure to paint black males as nothing more than nihilist psychopaths who are only interested in killing, likely because they spend all of their days listening to the hippity hop. This is a nightly occurrence for Bill, and will undoubtedly continue as long as he is on the air and speaking to an audience that is largely over the age of 70 and is almost completely white.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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