Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: The Struggle Is Real For Dudes Like Donald Trump Who Were Born Rich

Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: The Struggle Is Real For Dudes Like Donald Trump Who Were Born Rich

Well, you knew when misshapen pumpkin and GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump claimed he had it hard because his dad only gave him a million dollar loan to get him started in the business world, someone from Fox News was going to come to his defense when the inevitable criticism came his way. And, lo and behold, the person who jumped right on board the Trump Train was none other than Obama Derangement Syndrome sufferer and Outnumbered co-host Andrea Tantaros.

During the Monday broadcast of the female-centric panel show, the perpetually sour-faced Tantaros spent a decent amount of time praising the celebrity billionaire and claiming that he’d be a much better unifier than that shitty Obummer. Reading from a recent GOP poll, she remarked how Republican voters give Trump high grades on things like truthfulness, leadership and empathy. She also went all gaga over his decisiveness, all while giving him a pass for the sizable chunk of the GOP electorate who see him in a negative light.

This all led to her bringing up The Donald’s comments about his “small loan” that his pops gave him in the early ’70s to help him get started. In Tantaros’ mind, nobody should be criticizing Trump for acting like he had a hardscrabble beginning. Why? Well, it is really hard to get rich and stay rich. Yes, she actually said that shit.

Below is from the transcript, courtesy of Media Matters:


ANDREA TANTAROS: You know, I was cracking up this morning because Trump did a town hall and every time they try and attack him on certain things, he just turns it around. He says, well look at President Obama, he promised unity, he doesn’t get along with anybody. And he’s being attacked this morning, Tony, for taking that loan from his father of a million dollars.

SANDRA SMITH: That small loan.

TANTAROS: And he’s saying, but look what I did with it. And I mean, really, it’s true, it’s hard to get rich and stay rich, and I think Donald Trump’s proof of that. It’s not easy.


This is taking partisan cheerleading to a whole new level, even for a known GOP hack like Tantaros. At a certain point, you have to be able to point out absurd statements for what they are, regardless of your ideological attachment to a candidate. But Andrea finds a way to spin that shit into gold. And in doing so, she once again highlights why nobody should take anything she ever says seriously.

Below is video of the segment, via Media Matters:



Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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