Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Thinks Joe Biden’s Speech Is All Part Of A Benghazi Conspiracy Coverup

Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Thinks Joe Biden’s Speech Is All Part Of A Benghazi Conspiracy Coverup

The big news that hit on Wednesday was Vice-President Joe Biden finally announcing his 2016 intentions. In a speech at the Rose Garden, Biden revealed that despite indications that he would run for President in 2016, he had decided to steer clear of the race. This came as a mild shock as reports over the past few days had all but verified that Biden would be tossing his hat into the ring. Alas, Democrats are going to have to pick between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

While it had been stated for a while that Biden would be making his announcement this week, and it just made sense that if he wasn’t going to run that he’d publicly state as such prior to Clinton appearing before the Benghazi Committee on Thursday — an appearance that will in all likelihood have her coming out looking even better than she does now — at least one person at Fox News saw a HUGE CONSPIRACY. Shortly after Biden’s speech, Outnumbered co-host and lemon sucking expert Andrea Tantaros claimed that the timing was all a way to cover up an “administration-wide scandal” regarding Benghazi.

Let me just repeat that for you. With a highly-anticipated hearing arriving tomorrow that will be breathlessly covered by all of mainstream news, Tantaros somehow thinks the VP saying he isn’t going to run for the White House will somehow get all of the press to forget about turning its attention Hillary’s way on Thursday. In her mind, anything and everything that happens from this administration is a carefully crafted plot to distract from a story that Fox News just won’t quit hammering away at. Even after the committee has been exposed as nothing more than a Hillary Clinton political assassination tool.

With anchor Chris Wallace and neocon pundit John Bolton on to discuss Biden’s decision, Tantaros had a meltdown of sorts, trying her damnedest to get everyone to buy into her conspiracy theory that everything the Democrats do is a way to wash away Hillary’s ‘scandal,’ whatever that scandal is. (Seriously, haven’t the last few weeks pretty much revealed that there is no scandal and that the GOP was just trying to stretch Benghazi out to 2016?) First, we have her crying to Wallace about how lawless Obama and Co. are.

“Chris, I think this is even bigger than just the hearings tomorrow. To me it seems and I’ve been saying this for weeks that this administration is covering for her.

Just today we learn the State Dept. finally turned over those emails. You listen to president Obama give an interview with Steve Kroft on 60 minutes, where he clearly seemed to be giving her cover on this one. Judge Napolitano has been on this couch and said the FBI will not indict till they likely call the West Wing of the White House and get their blessing. So from where I sit, I look at his and I say, they’re circling the wagons in an obvious form and nothing’s going to happen with this email scandal. They are all on message.

That Democratic debate, Chris? Not one went negative against her. Bernie Sanders, who I actually thought had the guts to do it came back and said I’m sick and tired of hearing about the emails. They’re all singing off the same song sheet because they’re all in on it! This is an administration that flaunts the law. It is lawless. She is not an outlier, this is the modus operandi of the whole bunch!”

But Andrea wasn’t going to stop there. Lordy no! She also engaged Bolton and co-host Harris Faulkner about the huge, massive, unbelievable coverup going on and why nobody else sees it but her!

From the transcript of the show, courtesy of Media Matters:


ANDREA TANTAROS: And we saw today Harris, he did take a slight shot at her during his announcement. But I think ambassador’s right, he is going to be policing the triangulation of the Clintons, to make sure that Bill and Hillary don’t go off-message, like they did in 2008 to protect the legacy. But when you look at the two scandals that we’re facing, that all eyes are going to be on tomorrow, Benghazi, and the email scandal — these are administration-wide scandals. All three of them, President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton were there that night, this is their scandal as well. This email scandal is their email scandal as well. There is no way, there is no chance, that Joe Biden, and President Obama, and their national security team did not know that she was using a private server, breaking the law. There is no way, this is why this is an administration-wide scandal that they are covering up, they are all in on this, and they are circling the wagons, I cannot stress this enough. This goes all the way to the west wing, both Benghazi, and both the email scandal, and you’re watching it play out exactly today. The timing is not a coincidence!

HARRIS FAULKNER: If what you’re saying is provable and true, then it would be really interesting, how would the conversation go? How do you choose between the two of them, which one would run? Cause that must have been a conversation that you would have, if all of that is true. Hillary though emerges as the person that they’re all going to back.


Below is video of the segment, also courtesy of Media Matters:



Finally, so as not to leave Twitter out of receiving a piece of her Obama Derangement Syndrome, Tantaros sent out the following tweets:


By the end of this week, I fear Andrea is going to have an aneurysm.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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