Fox News Analyst Thinks The Supreme Court Was Wrong To Rule Voting A Fundamental Right

Fox News Analyst Thinks The Supreme Court Was Wrong To Rule Voting A Fundamental Right

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the years of watching Fox News, it is that they are really, really, really opposed to expanding voting rights and making it easier for people to cast their ballots. Whether it is requiring voter IDs, closing voting locations, objecting to mail-in ballots or railing against weekend and early voting, if it is something that makes the actual act of voting simpler and more convenient, Fox has come out against it. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Fair & Balanced network would complain about recent news out of California.

Late last week, California Governor Jerry Brown approved a measure that would allow eligible voters in the state to automatically be registered to vote when obtaining or renewing a driver’s license. Brown signed the new proposal based largely on the fact that the state saw a record low turnout in the most recent statewide election. It is estimated that California has 6.6 million residents who are eligible to vote but not registered.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano appeared to speak about the new law and let the network’s viewers know that this will pave the way for millions of undocumented immigrants to vote and affect the next Presidential election. He also informed goofy grin connoisseur Steve Doocy that he disagrees with our nation’s highest court on the whole voting rights thing. See, per the good judge, voting should be a privilege, not a goddamned right.

From the show’s transcript, courtesy of Media Matters:


STEVE DOOCY: The state of California has passed legislation that will automatically register eligible voters when they obtain or renew a driver’s license. Governor Jerry Brown says it’s a way to increase voter turnout, but critics warn the measure could add millions of illegal people to the rolls because the state allows undocumented aliens to get driver’s licenses. That’s a problem, isn’t it, Judge Napolitano?

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Yes, yes. Good morning, Steve. Yes, it is a problem because the other states, including our own home state of New Jersey, which permit registration at the time you get a driver’s license, have you go through another procedure in which you have to demonstrate citizenship.

DOOCY: You’ve got to prove you’re here legally.

NAPOLITANO: Correct, correct. California, it’s one procedure. You may not even know that when you get your driver’s license you’re also being registered to vote. And there’s no requirement of proof of citizenship. What’s the significance of proof of citizenship? All 50 states limit voting to citizens except when the state allows you to sort-of sneak in without proving your citizenship by getting a driver’s license instead.

DOOCY: Sure. And one of the things they’d look to is the Supreme Court in the past has said that the right to drive in the United States is fundamental. However, they don’t say you have to be an American citizen, per se. But what about the right to vote?

NAPOLITANO: You know, there’s a lot of debate without getting too academic about what the right to vote is. Is it a fundamental right that comes from our humanity like thought and speech and association and worship and self-defense? Or is it a privilege given by the government? In my view, the Supreme Court has wrongly said it’s a fundamental right. And once it said that, states like California decided to allow people to vote who aren’t qualified by law to vote because of the fundamental aspect.


The two of them would continue to say that all the motherfucking “illegals” in the state will now be given the right to vote because Brown is giving them shelter in his state. Therefore, it is going to impact next year’s general election unless something is done about this pronto!

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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