Donald Trump Begins Laying The Groundwork For His Inevitable Exit From Presidential Race

Donald Trump Begins Laying The Groundwork For His Inevitable Exit From Presidential Race

The closer we get to voters actually having a say in state primaries and caucuses, the more it is looking like it won’t be a matter of if but when real estate mogul and bloated Kewpie doll Donald Trump decides to drop out of the Presidential race. On Saturday, for the first time since July, Trump found himself not on top of a national Republican poll. An IBD/TIPP survey revealed that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson had usurped the Trumpster, pulling in 24% support to Trump’s 17%. It should be noted that IBD/TIPP is regarded as the most accurate poll in politics.

On Sunday, prior to Trump appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press and ABC’s This Week, an NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll showed that while Trump was still leading in Iowa and New Hampshire, his lead had definitely shrank over the past few weeks. In New Hampshire, Trump leads former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina by five points, 21% to 16%. A month ago, his lead in the state was 16 points. As for Iowa, Trump holds a five-point lead over Carson, 24% to 19%. Last month, Trump was polling at 29%.

Trump’s momentum pretty much came to a halt with his tired performance at the second GOP debate last month. Things were then made worse when he failed to stop a questioner at a New Hampshire rally from spewing out birther and Islamophobic nonsense, instead answering the man with his stock platitudes. Since that one-two punch, Trump has seen his numbers move the other way while Fiorina, Carson and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have all climbed the polls. While Trump has tried to dig into his usual bag of tricks, nothing has helped him gain steam.

Therefore, while speaking to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, Trump revealed that he’d be more than willing to go back to dealing with his business if he were to find himself fading in the polls. After blabbering some nonsensical bullshit about the Middle East and Russia’s involvement in Syria, Trump told Todd that if the news shows began turning their attention elsewhere and stopped inviting him on, he’d gladly go away.

From NBC News’ story on the interview:


“If I were doing poorly, if I saw myself going down, if you would stop calling me because you no longer have any interest in Trump because ‘he has no chance,’ I’d go back to my business.” Trump said that when he looks at the state of the Republican field at large there are some hopefuls who “should not be running any longer” because “they’re not gonna make it.”

“If I felt I was in that position, I’d get out,” he told NBC News. “But in all fairness, I think I’m in the exact opposite position right now.” NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polling has Trump at the top of the latest polls out of Iowa and New Hampshire.


Trump is definitely laying the groundwork now for his inevitable exit from the race. His whole ‘brand’ is based on him being the ultimate winner and always coming out on top. In his mind, he can’t risk coming in second, third or worst when actual votes are cast. If that were to happen, he’d be labeled a ‘loser,’ and that is the worst thing imaginable to The Donald. Therefore, he has to figure out a way to drop out before that occurs, and while he still holds a decent position in the Republican polls.

Like all one-note hits, the novelty and luster have finally worn off, and people are starting to move on. With the election getting closer and closer, voters are realizing they actually don’t want an egocentric, narcissistic reality TV star who speaks like a third-grader to be the leader of the free world. That reality is starting to seep into Trump’s bubble, and he has to find a way out will still make him look like he is on top and in control.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of NBC:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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