Conservative Ammosexuals Troll Mark Hamill On Twitter After He Advocates For Gun Control

Conservative Ammosexuals Troll Mark Hamill On Twitter After He Advocates For Gun Control

Late on Wednesday night, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill took to Twitter to point out that Australia’s gun violence has dropped substantially since passing strict gun control laws after the Port Arthur mass shooting in 1996. He also commended Andy Parker, the father of slain reporter Alison Parker, for advocating for tougher gun laws hours after the death of his daughter in a horrendous murder that was captured on live TV.

While many have (once again) publicly stated that we need to do something about this country’s lax regulations on firearms after yet another shooting tragedy, gun enthusiasts have fought back and said that the real problems are mental health issues and the fact that not enough good people are armed to stop all the bad people with guns. Also, you know, it is all Obama’s fault for being racist to white folks.

After posting his tweet, Hamill was inundated with gun crazy trolls who pilloried him for having the audacity to stand up for the father of the woman who was shot while also highlighting Australia’s successful attempt to reduce gun violence. Below is a sample of the worst:


OK, let’s recap. Mrak Hamill should shut the fuck up about guns because in a fictional move he starred in he used a fake laser gun to help take down the Empire. Also, he hates the Constitution and he should just move to Australia because love it or leave it, amirite? Finally, don’t you dare come for my guns or I’ll Second Amendment your ass! But the real issue in this country is mental illness.

Got it? Good.


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