Fox News On Sam Dubose: The Cop Wouldn’t Have Shot “If The Perp Didn’t Run Away”

Fox News On Sam Dubose: The Cop Wouldn’t Have Shot “If The Perp Didn’t Run Away”

Every day one turns on Fox News’ The Five, they can expect to hear lead host Eric Bolling or one of the other conservative mouthpieces who make up the panel say something actively offensive and mind-numbingly stupid. Thursday’s broadcast was no different. While discussing the ongoing case surrounding the Sam Dubose killing in Cincinnati, Bolling and co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle placed blamed for Dubose’s death squarely at the feet of Dubose himself, rather than the cop who clearly acted maliciously.

As most know by now, University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, a white man, has been charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Dubose, a black male. Dubose was killed on July 19th after he was pulled over for not having a license plate on the front of his car. Tensing shot Dubose in the head after he claims that Dubose tried to drag him off with his car. However, footage from Tensing’s body cam does not show him being dragged by Dubose’s car nor Dubose attempting to speed off as Tensing has claimed. In charging Tensing, Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters said that the shooting was “the most asinine act” he’s witnessed in 30 years as a prosecuting attorney.

Of course, since 99% of Fox News viewers are white and nearly all of them are conservative, the network had to toss them a bone and let them know that the black man had it coming and deserved his fate. After Guilfoyle had led off a segment by providing the latest news on the case, the panel began talking about it. Bolling then provided this little bit of victim-blaming bullshit.

“Good cop, bad cop, no matter what, the body cam will end up being the most important piece of evidence in the trial. But everyone is rushing this, prosecutor just said the cop is guilty of murder. He’s already indicted him. And I’m not defending this at all. But people have to realize you can’t resist arrest. This guy is taking off. I don’t think that cop was fearing for his life. So I think he’ll probably be found guilty or something, but stop resisting.”

Guilfoyle then jumped in to agree with Bolling, saying that it was unnecessary for Dubose to try to take off and that he put himself in danger. Bolling, extremely happy that someone was siding with him on his false equivalency and general lack of empathy, then labeled Dubose a “perp,” just for an extra dose of dickishness, I suppose.

“Exactly. Time and time again. It always comes down to someone getting hurt, getting killed, bad decisions by a cop. But those decisions wouldn’t have been made if the perp didn’t run away. Can you imagine what society would be like if everyone thought,’ If I just run away that cop can’t chase me?’ We’d be a lawless society.”

Guilfoyle ended the little episode of ‘It’s The Black Man’s Fault’ by saying that it was a justifiable traffic stop and that Dubose just needed to comply.

“No, it’s very difficult. And again, this is all about what’s probable cause to pull somebody over, right? And it’s front license plate, broken windshield, license and registration, etc., etc. So, you know they look at the tags on the back of the car. That is a justifiable stop. Just comply, please. Listen. Like, don’t lose your life because you don’t know who’s on the other end of it. I mean, it shouldn’t be this way. What the officer did was wrong. The jury will decide ultimately, though.”

Meanwhile, back at home, your drunk racist uncle living on SSI nodded approvingly while leering at Guilfoyle’s short skirt.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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