Conservative Media Predictably Craps All Over Iran Nuclear Deal Because, Ya Know, Obama

Conservative Media Predictably Craps All Over Iran Nuclear Deal Because, Ya Know, Obama

Another day, another reason for the Conservative Entertainment Complex to get their panties in a bunch over something President Obama accomplished during his tenure in the White House. As had been expected for days now, the White House announced on Tuesday morning that a deal had been reached with Iran to curtail the nation’s nuclear program in exchange for the suspension of economic sanctions. The landmark deal had been in the works for 20 months and was finally agreed upon this week. Iran’s leaders played Obama’s statement on the deal to its people while also issuing a statement of its own.

Republicans have long railed against the deal, despite not knowing the actual framework until Tuesday morning, because they believe it is too light on Iran and will eventually allow the country to expand its nuclear program while freeing itself from international economic sanctions. A number of conservative hawks on Capitol Hill have promised to scuttle the deal and continue with sanctions against Iran. However, it appears that there will be enough Democratic support for the deal to allow Obama to veto anything that comes across his desk. (He’s already stated he will do just that.)

Anyway, the moment the deal was announced, conservative pundits, commentators, prognosticators and shit-talkers started spouting off that this deal would bring all kinds of death and destruction to the Middle East, Israel, the United States and the world. All because Obama is a goddamned fuck-up who has no idea what he is doing on the world stage.

Let’s take a look at some of the best reactions from the right-wing echo chamber, shall we?

First, we have the Iraq War’s biggest cheerleader, Bill Kristol.


  Solid start, Bill. Is there anyone who can take that ball and run with it?


Thanks, Michelle. You never disappoint. Anyone else want to chime in? RedState’s Erick Erickson raises his hand. What did you have to say in your latest column?


We already know what is going to happen with Iran. In a few years, there will be an underground nuclear detonation signaling that Iran has learned to make a bomb and is deploying a nuclear arsenal. It will destabilize the region and provoke a war that is even now foreseeable.

But until the moment the seismographs register the nuclear explosion, Democrats and the media will deny the possibility.

We know this will happen.


Good to know! Let’s take a look at what 2nd Amendment Barbie ™ has to say about the deal/


Way to get a Bergdahl reference in there, Katie. Also, we’ve heard from Kristol. How about some of his lackeys at the Weekly Standard?


Thanks everyone for offering your well thought out positions!

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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