Limbaugh On Confederate Flag: “The Next Flag That Will Come Under Assault…Is The American Flag”

Limbaugh On Confederate Flag: “The Next Flag That Will Come Under Assault…Is The American Flag”

Hero to drunk racist high-school dropouts Rush Limbaugh took to his radio show Tuesday to weigh in on the topic of the Confederate flag in South Carolina and the fact that a number of prominent Republican voices have joined in on calling for it to be removed from the state’s capitol. In Limbaugh’s mind, the removal of a longstanding symbol of racial hatred has nothing to do with healing wounds of bigotry and moving the state forward, and everything to do with Democrats and liberals destroying the South once and for all. Furthermore, El Rushbo predicted that once the left was done with humiliating Southerners, they’d move on to banning the American flag.

First off, Rush made the case that the debate over the removal of the flag from official state grounds was mostly just an effort by Democrats to seize control of the South from Republicans.

From the show’s transcript:


This effort to have the battle flag of northern Virginia removed is really an attempt to segregate and isolate the entire South and to sort of Alinsky it. You know, the Rules for Radicals, you seek the target, you isolate it, you attack it, humiliate it. This flag represents what the left believes is the last remaining Republican electoral stronghold in terms of presidential politics, and that would be the South. So this is an effort going far beyond the Confederate flag or the battle flag of the army of northern Virginia.

This flag represents to the left a symbol of everything that’s wrong with not just South Carolina, but North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, you name it. And that’s what the objective here really is. And that’s why when Republicans make these efforts to appease, to please, and even if they think they’re doing the right thing, it never is enough, and it’s never genuine, and it’s never accepted, or very rarely is it accepted. Very rarely do the Republicans seeking to gain political points with their opponents or their enemies actually pull that off by acceding to their demands.

So just keep a sharp eye on this because you’ll see, even after the flag comes down, it’s not gonna be the end of this. After the flag comes down, after the flag is removed, you’re gonna continue to hear what it stands for, what it stood for, how rotten it is and how even though it’s gone, you can bet they will report that Southerners all across this country in heart and in mind and even geographically will be displaying the flag in their homes and on their cars with bumper stickers and so forth. Just keep a sharp eye. ‘Cause I’m telling you the flag is a symbol and it’s symbol to the left, and it represents a far more wide reaching objective than just getting the flag removed from public view.


Everyone make sure to take a shot for the Alinsky reference. Can’t have a good right-wing rant about liberals if you don’t throw in a Saul Alinsky mention or two.

Later in the show, Limbaugh revisited the Confederate flag conversation and reiterated that it was all about Democrats destroying the South and the Republican Party with it. He then took his theory to the inevitable conclusion one would expect in Limbaugh World, which is that since the Confederate flag was under attack, the American flag was next on the chopping block.


Okay. Look at me. I have a prediction. Look at me. I have a prediction. I just said it’s not gonna stop with the Confederate flag because it’s not about the Confederate flag. It is about destroying the South as a political force. It’s about isolating, targeting, and identifying the South as Dylann Roof. Not Charleston, South Carolina, the South. That’s what the leftists’ effort on the Confederate flag are. Do not doubt me, folks.

And I’ll make another prediction to you. The next flag that will come under assault, and it will not be long, is the American flag. Do not look at me that way. It makes perfect sense. If you take a look at the timeline of progressive events, their speed and rapidity with which the left is conducting this assault on all of these American traditions and institutions, if you don’t think the American flag’s in their crosshairs down the road, you had better stop and reconsider.

The American flag is what? It’s the symbol of America. The left what? Doesn’t like this country very much and never has and it’s getting angrier and angrier about it seemingly every day. The American flag stands for the United States of America and, as such, everything that’s wrong with it. And you wait. It isn’t gonna be long before the American flag is gonna cause chills, fear, scary thoughts, it’s gonna make me nervous, the American flag, when I see the American flag, it’s a symbol of hate.

You wait, folks. You wait. And then what are the Republicans gonna do? We’ll be the first among them to say yep, we need a redesign. Yep, we need to get into the twenty first. Just saying. I’m just saying. Hang in there, be tough.


Yes, hang in there, folks. Be tough. It is certainly going to be a bumpy ride these next few months as you try to find a station that carries Limbaugh’s show.


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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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