Democrats and Journalists Join Twitter Pile On Following Steve Bannon’s Arrest

Democrats and Journalists Join Twitter Pile On Following Steve Bannon’s Arrest

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s arrest and indictment on Thursday led to widespread mockery on social media, coupled with many politicians and commentators adopting an ‘I Told You So’ attitude and pointing out how many people close to President Donald Trump have been criminally charged.

Bannon was indicted on two counts – conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering – along with three others in charges related to ‘We Build the Wall’, a fundraising scheme designed to pay for a wall along the southern border.

His long-time critics and Democratic politicians did not hold back their scorn in the wake of the news.

“Trump’s monument to hate at the border has always been one big con to fan the flames of bigotry and help his buddies get rich,” Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted.

“Every available penny of government funding for that wall should be redirected to fight COVID-19. I’ve got a bill for that.”

“It’s all one big con. The whole thing. A money making scheme for the guy in charge and his hangers on,” said Democratic Senator Chris Murphy.

But it wasn’t just Democrats piling on Bannon. Journalists and conservatives also joined in the mockery, with some Never Trumpers expressing particular glee.

“Jail overcrowding will be one legacy of the Crooked Trumps,” said conservative writer Jennifer Rubin.

Conservative and Trump critic Rick Wilson turned Bannon’s own words against him in mockery.

“Hey, Steve Bannon…is it fun yet?” he asked.

Social media users are likely to continue dunking on Bannon – and President Donald Trump – throughout the day.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor