Joe Scarborough: Trump Is 16 Points Down Because Biden Warned About Coronavirus in January

Joe Scarborough: Trump Is 16 Points Down Because Biden Warned About Coronavirus in January

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough argued on Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s difficulties in the polls are because of his attitude toward the Covid-19 pandemic. The Morning Joe host explained that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden warned about the disease in January.

“Of course, Donald Trump was warned by people in his administration throughout the month of January,” Scarborough said.

“The White House was warned throughout the month of January about Covid-19. Even his own trade representative said that up to 500,000 people could die of the Coronavirus in January in a memo. And here we are.”

“But again, it wasn’t — for people to say, well, gee, this is just something that scientists and doctors might have known, it’s important that Americans understand that in January, Joe Biden wrote an op-ed for the USA Today, and he said, Donald Trump is not prepared for the coming pandemic.”

“He’s put America in a situation where we are vulnerable to a coming pandemic. That was in January. And here we are — and Joe Biden also said, please, Mr. President, listen to your doctors, listen to your scientists. Let your doctors, let your scientists talk to the American people about what’s coming. That’s the end of January.”

“You look at these polls that show Joe Biden up by 15 or 16 points in Michigan. It’s not a mistake,” Scarborough went on.

“People know that Joe Biden was warning about this in January, and they understand that even one month, two months, three months later, the President was still saying nothing to worry about.”

“And so, Donald Trump can be mad at Brad Parscale for getting rich off of him, but he’s not 16 points down because Brad Parscale has gotten rich off of Donald Trump. He’s 16 points down because he’s running against a guy that warned Americans about this back in January.”

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

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