Eugene Robinson on Trump’s Polls: ‘If He Loses Florida Like That, He’s Wiped Off the Map’

Eugene Robinson on Trump’s Polls: ‘If He Loses Florida Like That, He’s Wiped Off the Map’

The Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson discussed ‘stunning’ polling numbers on Tuesday suggesting President Donald Trump is beginning to perform poorly with senior citizens. Robinson told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that if these numbers don’t change, Trump could be at serious risk in November.

Co-host Willie Geist explained that recent polls show former Vice President beating Trump in Florida before Joe Scarborough offered some reasons why that might be.

“He promises universal health care for seniors, then he says he’s not gonna do universal health care for seniors,” Scarborough said.

“Then he’s going to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which is very popular with most Americans. It’s just one thing after another. It seems like this guy, far from working to actually get seniors voting for him again, has been working pretty hard, and not just in the pandemic but on policies, as well, to chase off the very senior citizens who elected him in 2016.”

“On policies, he’s clearly not been good on health care, which, obviously, older Americans care a lot about,” Robinson said.

“Florida’s a state with a lot of older Americans. Those Florida numbers are stunning. I mean, if he loses Florida like that, he’s wiped off the map. Not just in Florida but across the country.”

“You know, I mean, let’s look at the pandemic. We’ve lost 90,000 lives, most of them older Americans. Leaving people to die to a deadly disease because, you know, because of your incompetence and your willingness to try to ignore a deadly pandemic is not a good political move. It’s just not. And I think, my guess is those numbers might tend to get worse for Trump rather than better as this horrific scourge continues to roll on. I mean, this is just — it’s stunning.”

“All he is able to do is make noise and create distractions. And this claim about hydroxychloroquine.”

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

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