Joe Scarborough: Trump’s Disinfectant Comments Are ‘Beyond Madness’ and ‘Beyond Parody’

Joe Scarborough: Trump’s Disinfectant Comments Are ‘Beyond Madness’ and ‘Beyond Parody’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called President Donald Trump’s comments on disinfectant ‘beyond madness’ on Friday. The Morning Joe host seemed genuinely disturbed by Trump’s suggestion that injecting disinfectant into the human body could cure Coronavirus.

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski showed footage of Trump defending his comments by saying his job was to present talent.

“I guess if you could collapse the past three and a half years of madness into one clip that might be the clip,” Scarborough said.

“This is so beyond madness. You have an American president saying such things about putting disinfectant in the body, putting light in the body. It is so beyond parody.”

“If you wrote this for, let’s say, Veep, nobody would believe it,” Scarborough said. “And again, not funny because by probably the end of this month, more people will have died from this Coronavirus, that Donald Trump said would go away, said it was a hoax, that media’s coverage of it was a hoax. Sean Hannity said the media’s coverage of it was a hoax.”

“More people will be dead of this so-called hoax the media was pushing, according to Sean Hannity and Donald Trump, than died in the Vietnam War, over the next week. We’ll probably go beyond 57,000. And again, the fact that we’re near the end of April, after losing trillions of dollars.”

“50,000 lives,” Brzezinski said.

“After more lives have been lost here than were lost in both Iraq wars, in the 20-year Afghanistan war, September 11th, the Revolutionary War, the war of — I could stack ’em up,” Scarborough said.

“Donald Trump is now at the point of talking about putting disinfectants inside your body and putting lights inside inside people’s bodies, to the embarrassment of those aides sitting on the sidelines, listening to this horror show unfold before their eyes.”


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor