GOP Rep. Michael Waltz: ‘Our Entire Economy Is Dependent on What Is Up in Space’

GOP Rep. Michael Waltz: ‘Our Entire Economy Is Dependent on What Is Up in Space’

Republican Congressman Michael Waltz spoke to Fox & Friends on Wednesday about Iran and the Space Force. The Florida Republican suggested Iran and other countries could potentially put nuclear warheads in space and the Space Force was essential to protect the economy.

Iran has launched a satellite while the country is suffering heavily from Coronavirus. This is likely an attempt to appear strong as the Islamic republic has been particularly badly hit by the pandemic.

“First thing in terms of satellite, this is why we need a space force,” Waltz said. “We are not alone up there. Our entire economy is dependent on what is up in space.”

“And the Chinese, in particular, but also the Russians and other countries have developed the capability to take those constellations [sic] down and our entire economy, our entire modern way of life depends on it.”

It’s not clear what Waltz meant by ‘constellations’.

“Number two, a missile that can put a satellite up in space can also carry a nuclear warhead,” he said. “And so for critics of the President about withdrawing from the Iran deal, it’s not just about making the bomb. It’s also the missiles and those components.”

“The ability to put it into a war head and all of those other pieces that Iran has been advancing forward. That’s why keeping the sanctions in place is so critical. That’s why being able to have the defenses to take these things out is also critical. The President has been absolutely right on this all along.”

Waltz may have been referring to attacks on potential essential satellites but his comments were unclear and confused.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor