South Carolina Governor: Trump Is the ‘Strongest Political Figure of Our Time’ and ‘Changing the World’

South Carolina Governor: Trump Is the ‘Strongest Political Figure of Our Time’ and ‘Changing the World’

The governor of South Carolina Henry McMaster has told Fox News that President Donald Trump is changing the world and that voters in his state love him. McMaster was speaking to Fox & Friends about the upcoming Democratic primary there.

Trump is holding a rally in South Carolina ahead of the primary and McMaster was asked why Trump was doing well in the state.

“Well, he’s given everybody confidence,”McMaster said. “Everybody’s working. Ainsley, we have 5 million people approximately a little more in this state and we have about 70,000 good jobs that are looking for people. It’s the Trump economy. People have confidence in the country. They see that we’re standing up around the world. Everybody who has a job who wants a job can have one here. The same all over the country. People are growing, prosperity is breaking out. I mean, it’s just a wonderful thing. And it’s all happened since Donald Trump has been president.”

Fox host Ainsley Earhardt asked McMaster if he was surprised that Joe Biden is leading Bernie Sanders in the upcoming primary.

“Well, a lot of people don’t know what socialism is and they’ll need to find out,” McMaster said. “I hope that the Democrats really don’t believe all those things that they trying to sell to the people because if they do, we really are in deep, deep trouble. But, I think Joe Biden will win South Carolina by a big margin. He’s been here a lot. People know him.”

“But, the Democrats are going off in to left field. It’s really a very dangerous thing and that’s why more and more people are coming to Trump. They love — They literally love Donald Trump. And I have never seen anything like the enthusiasm that they have for this man.”

“He’ probably the — certainly the strongest political figure of our time. He’s charismatic. He’s changing the world. It is — South Carolina loves Donald Trump. And you watch every time he is here he expresses his love for the people of South Carolina. It is a great relationship what he has done for the country and for our state is terrific.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.