MSNBC Analyst Wonders if Russia Might Support Sanders Because He’s ‘Ideologically in Tune’ with the Soviet Union

MSNBC Analyst Wonders if Russia Might Support Sanders Because He’s ‘Ideologically in Tune’ with the Soviet Union

New York Times journalist and MSNBC analyst Peter Baker suggested on Friday that Russia could potentially favor Senator Bernie Sanders because his beliefs are ‘in tune’ with the former Soviet Union – an assertion that Sanders would dispute. Baker told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that it was interesting to imagine what Russia might think of Sanders.

“There’s certainly an interesting dichotomy right now when it comes to Russia,” Baker said. “In Washington, the President of the United States presides over a policy that’s different than the one he, himself, articulates. He, himself, points out again and again how much he wants to be friends with Vladimir Putin.”

“He never challenges Vladimir Putin, particularly to his face. He brushes off this whole 2016 interference as if it was no big deal. And yet, policy of the administration itself at times has been much more conventional in the sense of applying sanctions, kicking out diplomats, sending weapons to Ukraine and so forth.”

“I think, you know, we’re confused a little bit by that. Vladimir Putin and Russia, what he looks and sees is a president who wants to be friends and is stymied by the people around him. He sees Trump as being frustrated by the deep state. Remember that concept? It’s something Vladimir Putin sees, as well.”

“From their point of view, Trump is still potentially reliable diplomatic partner. Now, you might ask the question, and some people have: Would they want Trump over Bernie Sanders? Sanders, of course, democratic socialist, more ideologically in tune with the old Russia anyway. And remember, of course, the Russians did favor Bernie Sanders in the primary in 2016 over Hillary Clinton.”

“So that’s an interesting question. Of course, Bernie Sanders is not the nominee right now. What the Russians see in front of them is an incumbent president who speaks in tones that they would like to hear from an American president.”

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.