Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Trump ‘Might Pardon Roger Stone Today’

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Trump ‘Might Pardon Roger Stone Today’

Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has suggested that President Donald Trump could pardon Roger Stone today. Speaking on Fox & Friends on Thursday, Napolitano renewed his criticism of Stone’s trial and openly commented on the possibility of a pardon.

Napolitano’s criticism centers on the fact that the foreperson of the jury had social media posts critical of the President. However, Stone is charged with lying to Congress, among other matters. A pardon would not simply be a remedy for perceived unfairness at trial. He is due to be sentenced today.

“What should happen is the judge should interrogate this foreperson about her biases against the President and against Donald Trump,” Napolitano said.

“The judge should interrogate the departed prosecutors about what they knew about this foreperson and when they knew it and why they quit. And then determine whether or not the integrity of Stone’s trial was adversely affected by this juror.”

The prosecutors on the case resigned following Trump’s tweets claiming the process was unfair on Stone.

“It seems inconceivable that it was not. The Supreme Court has said you’re entitled to 12 jurors who are indifferent as to the outcome. This woman appears to have known the outcome in her own mind before the trial started. Why do I say that? Because the things she said about the President and about Roger Stone in her tweets. For the judge to overlook that and sentence him anyway and push that off is almost unforgivable.”

Fox host Steve Doocy asked directly if Napolitano was suggesting there could be a pardon.

“I’m suggesting he might pardon Roger Stone today because the minute he signs that pardon, this judge is divested of jurisdiction in the case and Stone walks out of the courtroom,” Napolitano said. “The conviction is not final until she sentences him and signs the sentencing papers.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

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