Trump World Rages at Don Lemon for ‘Credulous Boomer Rube’ Segment

Trump World Rages at Don Lemon for ‘Credulous Boomer Rube’ Segment

President Donald Trump’s supporters and sympathetic media figures have acted with affected outrage following a brief exchange on CNN on Monday night where former Republican Rick Wilson mocked Trump supporters for being ignorant and called them the ‘credulous Boomer rube’ demographic.

Host Don Lemon was brought to tears of laughter by the comments, but the President’s defenders were quick to rage at the remarks.

The conservative Daily Caller was quick to accuse CNN of attacking Americans generally, though they also shared the video.

Republican Congressman Ken Buck falsely claimed that a majority of Americans support the President.

Trump himself weighed in, again sharing the video and so carrying it to a wider audience. Later, his eldest daughter, Ivanka, did the same thing.

Some have pointed out the hypocrisy of criticizing the remarks when President Trump himself frequently insults people in much harsher terms, referring to ‘low IQ individuals’ and ‘sleazebags.’ Others have pointed out that the attack on Lemon has come despite the fact he did not make the comments.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.