Watch: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Dismantles GOP Ukraine Conspiracies

Watch: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Dismantles GOP Ukraine Conspiracies

CNN’s Chris Cuomo took apart four Republican conspiracy theories that President Donald Trump’s defenders are using to protect him as impeachment goes on. In a segment lasting less than five minutes on Wednesday night, Cuomo debunked claims about the non-existent DNC server, accusations against former Vice President Joe Biden and more.

“Republicans used the public impeachment hearings for two purposes, one to push conspiracy theories, two, rail about how the president wasn’t represented,” Cuomo said.

“The president had a team of representatives in the form of these 10 congressmen, but now we’re hearing the White House may not send a lawyer to next week’s hearing, even though he’s been given basically two bites at the apple.”

“Why would he when he’s got people like these guys, who have made it their mission to cover, confuse, and conflate? Congress is doing the work for him when they’re supposed to be looking at him. Now the main stick they’re swinging: four conspiracy theories, which have all been debunked.”

Cuomo then took the time to explain why each of the four conspiracy theories was wrong and even mocked the idea that there was a missing server hidden in Ukraine – a totally debunked idea that Trump himself continues to push.

“These are four separate theories but the president’s supporters are counting on you not to be able to tell them apart or not being able to keep track of who worked for which Ukrainian president and when,” Cuomo said.

“What’s the goal? Distraction, Confusion. To create doubt. That’s the problem. That’s why we have to check it. When it comes to something as serious as removing a president, clarity is key. So those are the facts.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.