Lindsey Graham Backs Trump on Impeachment: ‘This Is a Lynching in Every Sense’

Lindsey Graham Backs Trump on Impeachment: ‘This Is a Lynching in Every Sense’

Senator Lindsey Graham has agreed with President Donald Trump that Democrats’ impeachment push is ‘a lynching’. The President caused widespread outrage on Tuesday morning when he tweeted comparing the impeachment probe to lynching.

“This is a lynching in every sense,” Graham reportedly said, and according to a CBS reporter Graham said: “I think that’s pretty well accurate. This is a sham. This is a joke… So yeah, this is a lynching and in every sense this un-American.”

The South Carolina Republican has staunchly defended Trump throughout the Ukraine whistleblower scandal but this is an escalation of the GOP’s rhetoric. Actual lynchings involved murdering innocent people. Graham also said he could not understand African-American being offended by the term.

“No, I think lynching is being seen as somebody taking the law in their own hands and out to get somebody for no good reason,” he said.

The other Republican senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott, who is the only black Republican senator, pushed back on the use of the word ‘lynching’.

“There’s no question that the impeachment process is the closet thing to a political death row trial, so I get his absolute rejection of the process. I wouldn’t use the word lynching,” Scott said.

However, Republican Representative Jim Jordan also defended Trump’s use of the term.

“The President’s frustrated,” Jordan said. “If you had to go through the three years that this  – that the President’s had to live through – I think that just is an example of the frustration the President feels.”

Similarly, Republican Senator Ted Cruz called it ‘an objectively true description of what is happening.’

Not all Republicans were on board with the President’s language, however. Congressman Adam Kinzinger said there was ‘no comparison’.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was less blunt but did distance himself from Trump somewhat, saying lynching ‘is not the language I would use’.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor