Twitter Has Field Day After Nickelback Pulls Down Trump Video

Twitter Has Field Day After Nickelback Pulls Down Trump Video

The rock band Nickelback has had Twitter remove a video tweeted by President Donald Trump because it infringed their copyright. Trump tweeted a Nickelback song on Wednesday that was visually altered to attack former Vice President Joe Biden, but by Thursday morning the image could no longer be viewed and a copyright violation notice was in its place.

The meme was a reference to Nickelback’s song ‘Photograph.’ The President tweeted it as part of his efforts to claim that Biden and his son, Hunter, had acted corruptly in Ukraine. Twitter users responded with scorn to the original tweet and then made fun of the President after the image was removed.

Historian Kevin Kruse enjoyed a whole story from the tweet.

Others used the opportunity to dunk on conservatives for their frequent claims of online censorship.

There was even vindication for some in the White House press corps.

And of course, plenty of people took the opportunity to criticize Nickelback. The band is infamously considered bad by anyone other than die-hard fans – a well-known internet meme in itself.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.