‘Morning Joe’ Guest: Trump Is ‘Willing to Dance in the Fever Swamps’ of Conspiracy Theories

‘Morning Joe’ Guest: Trump Is ‘Willing to Dance in the Fever Swamps’ of Conspiracy Theories

President Donald Trump is openly engaging in right-wing conspiracy theories, according to the AP’s Jonathan Lemire. Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Lemire explained that officials have repeatedly told the President that the conspiracies he’s pursuing aren’t true.

“The Mueller probe was two years long,” Lemire said. “It was confusing, it was opaque. This is sort of simple and easy to understand. The quid pro quo. The President’s own words are the best evidence against him. And that is why the Democrats are moving forward and the public seems to be warming to the idea.”

“I also would argue that perhaps the most important Sunday surrogate appearance from a Republican yesterday was actually Tom Bossert, the President’s former Homeland Security adviser who was on, I believe, ABC, who addressed head on this Ukraine theory, that Ukraine was involved in election meddling, that Ukraine had the server and he said it simply wasn’t true and he and others in the White House told the President repeatedly it wasn’t true, but it was something he hung on to because he could not face the idea that he received Russian interference that may have helped him win the election.”

“We know he thinks that makes him an illegitimate president. That’s the fear that he has. And it shows again the President willing to dance in the fever swamps, the conservative fringes, and these conspiracies led to — he’s led by among others Rudy Giuliani who has continued to push those going forward.”

“And that is where the President and this White House is right now,” Lemire said.

“There isn’t a robust defense. There isn’t a suggestion of fighting on the facts. They’re just still trying to muddle the issue. They’re trying to throw things up against the wall, create the same smoke screen they did during the Mueller probe, confusing the issue, confusing the public, but it seems it’s going to be much harder to pull off this time around in a far simpler story for Americans to understand.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.