Fox’s Todd Starnes: Country Is On The Verge Of Civil War, Left Wants To Destroy Religious Liberty

Fox’s Todd Starnes: Country Is On The Verge Of Civil War, Left Wants To Destroy Religious Liberty

Fox & Friends warned its viewers that the United States is on the brink of civil war on Tuesday morning. Fox News’ flagship morning show hosted Fox  News Radio host Todd Starnes, who was promoting his new book Culture Jihad. In an alarmist segment, Starnes claimed the left wanted to end religious liberty.

“After my last book came out, the Deplorables Guide, I noticed that there was a trend developing in the country with the rise of socialism,” Starnes said. “We’ve been wondering for many years now why is it that the left has been so hell-bent on declaring war on religious liberty and taking God out of the public marketplace?”

“And I realized after digging into all of this that for socialism to rise and really take root they’ve gotta get rid of religious liberty. They’ve gotta take away the foundation of this country. That’s exactly what’s happened. And I warned folks in Culture Jihad that once they start attacking religious liberty and chipping away at the foundation of the country, every single one of our other rights comes under attack. And that’s exactly what’s happening.”

Starnes went on to discuss the usual conservative canards about threats to free speech and even praised comedian Dave Chapelle. Then he lavished praised on President Donald Trump.

“I believe this President has saved the nation. President Obama promised to fundamentally change America and he delivered on that campaign promise. President Trump has been undoing a lot of damage that was done. He has stood up for religious liberty. He’s a pro-life president. Probably the most pro-life president we’ve had in American history. He has done a great job of pushing back. And I write about this in the book. We lay all of this out including issues like Trump derangement syndrome.”

“You talk about how we are on the verge of a civil war. How bad is it?” co-host Lisa Boothe asked.

“It’s pretty bad,” Starnes said. “Especially when you look at the issues that divide us. Look at the polling data. My concern is not what happens offer the next two years. It’s what’s happening over the next 10 years. Our public school system is being used as the engine to drive this social change.”

“When you look at the polling data, it’s all there. Just a couple weeks ago, you guys were talking about this on Fox & Friends, a majority of younger Americans, Generation Z, Millennials, don’t believe that religion and patriotism are all that important to their lives anymore. So we are seeing this shift happen really almost in a stealth way.”

The Fox News hosts made no attempt to push back on Starnes alarming claims, despite his history of false reporting.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor