Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ New Job on Fox Exactly the Same as Her Old Job in the White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ New Job on Fox Exactly the Same as Her Old Job in the White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders may no longer work at the White House press secretary, but her duties in her new gig as a commentator for Fox News are still essentially the same.

Friday morning was Sanders’ first appearance as a civilian on Fox & Friends, where she spent ten minutes essentially doing everything she had done in the White House: lied about President Trump’s record, complained that people (particularly women) are not nicer to her in public, claimed against all evidence that “most of America” appreciates the president’s work, and just generally served as a Trumpian mouthpiece for an audience of one.

  • On the August job numbers showing about 20,000 fewer jobs being created than economists had expected, a result that, combined with slower job growth earlier in the year, could be a leading indicator of economic trouble in the future:

“I think at the end of the day, there’s no question that the president and his administration have turned the country around and put it on the right trick. We’re in a place where the economy is still strong. It’s still the strongest economy in the world, and we are doing better under this president than we have in the previous eight years.”

To the extent presidents are responsible for job growth, the numbers under Trump are just a continuation of the trend under President Obama. But Trump wants to hear that he has made the country great again after Obama almost destroyed it, so that is what Sanders is telling him.

  • Sanders on manufacturing jobs under Trump, who had made reviving them a key part of his campaign pitch in 2016:

“Everybody said that it couldn’t be done, that manufacturing was dead in this country and it couldn’t be revived. You needed a magic wand to do it. Well, we found one in President Trump, and he’s waved the magic wand and brought manufacturing back to this country.”

There was an increase in manufacturing jobs in the first two years of Trump’s administration, though whether you call it a boom probably depends on whether or not you realize that manufacturing is actually a very small part of America’s economy. In any case, that rise in manufacturing jobs has now reversed itself, partly because of the tariffs Trump has slapped on imports and the trade war he has started with China.

  • On what she’s hearing from some of the Democratic candidates for president:

“The things that are coming out of Democrats’ mouths these days, I can’t even process it, they’re so stupid…I think it can be very scary, the path they want to take us down.”

Four minutes later, on what she tells her kids about her public image when people are harsh toward her:

“I…want them to know that that’s not how we treat other people. Whether you disagree with somebody or not, you still treat them with respect.”

She’s off to a great start and earning raves from the only person she was really talking to:

Watch the entire interview up top, via Fox News.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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