Joe Scarborough: When Did Jesus Say Blessed Are Those Who Have AR-15s?

Joe Scarborough: When Did Jesus Say Blessed Are Those Who Have AR-15s?

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blasted so-called biblical defenses of gun rights on Thursday morning. The Morning Joe host mocked the idea – recently advanced by some, including Senator Ted Cruz – that the Bible justified assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

The Washington Post‘s Eugene Scott explained that Christian arguments for opposing tighter gun control would become more prominent in the near future. Scarborough thought anyone making such arguments would be ignorant of the Bible.

“Actually, it will grow with people who are ignorant of the Bible is where it will grow. I’m just curious, where did Jesus say that somebody had the right to have a military-style weapon, an AR-15?” Scarborough said.

Scarborough went on to explain how he had had ‘Bible drills’ as a child and couldn’t remember Jesus saying anything in support of assault rifles.

“I never remember Jesus advocating for high volume magazines,” guest Elise Jordan agreed.

“I also missed the part, Eugene, where Jesus said that blessed were those that were able to have AR-15s or blessed were domestic abusers or terrorists that could walk into a gun show and get whatever gun they wanted, or maybe do what the Odessa shooter did, and that is buy a gun from somebody else and not have a background check.”

“By the way, I mean, I’m a Second Amendment supporter, I know Elise [Jordan], you are a Second Amendment supporter, I believe Americans should have a right to worship their God and also own guns and protect their families,” Scarborough went on.

“So, again, I’m just wondering how that extends to allowing domestic abusers to get guns without background checks or allowing terrorists. You remember a couple years ago where you actually had a terrorist who was on the top ten wanted list, I think he was an ISIS terrorist, saying I love the United States because you can just go into gun shows or go other places and you can buy guns and kill a lot of Americans without getting a background check.”

“That’s the best way to kill the most Americans. That was an ISIS terrorist saying that, encouraging other terrorists. I don’t think that Jesus would support that ISIS view.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor