WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: Size Always Matters To Trump, His Google Claims Are Insane

WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: Size Always Matters To Trump, His Google Claims Are Insane

MSNBC’s Morning Joe mocked President Donald Trump’s recent claim about Google manipulating voters during the 2016 election on Tuesday. Trump claimed that a study showed that millions of people had been induced to vote for Hillary Clinton, proving he won by an even wider margin.

The study itself is highly questionable and did not draw the conclusions Trump claimed. Morning Joe contributor Willie Geist and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson were scornful of the President’s claims.

“Willie, you now expect Donald Trump to start talking about crowd size,” host Joe Scarborough said. “Many people yesterday suggested that this was once again the President looping, not a good look for him and still ridiculous that he is still claiming that there was massive voter fraud when he has absolutely no evidence of it.”

“Yeah. The author of the study Robert Epstein said yesterday he didn’t say that Google manipulated the votes and that the President was twisting his words,” Geist said.

“Gene Robinson, here we are again, the President of the United States disputing the numbers around the election. It started with the inauguration numbers, you know, the crowd size at his inauguration. He;s obsessed with the idea that America is not celebrating his victory, that he didn’t win by as much as he thinks he did, that he lost the popular votes, thatat somehow the questions around Russia call into question how he won the election. This is a thorn in his side since the day he was elected.”

“Size always matters to this president and he’s completely obsessed with this idea because it’s true that he — that he won a very narrow electoral victory and lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes,” Robinson said.

“And this drives him crazy and will continue to drive him crazy,” Robinson said. “But, you know, so if he’s focused on these numbers, you know that first segment we talked about these incredible problems of the rise of ISIS and, you know, Hong Kong’s streets are full of demonstrators and all this stuff going on in the world.”

“The President is obsessed with his crowd size at the New Hampshire rally last week where he insists that people mention that his crowd was bigger than Elton John’s. Very, very big on that. And instead of — and instead of thinking about — you know, Hong Kong and Afghanistan and these places where there’s all this turmoil, he’s focused on Greenland. We’re gonna to buy Greenland apparently. It’s just a real estate deal and that’s what he’s obsessed about. It’s just insane, but here we are. 2019. Welcome. Have a nice summer.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor