‘Morning Joe’: ‘Twisted’ Republicans Spent The Day Screaming At A Vietnam War Hero

‘Morning Joe’: ‘Twisted’ Republicans Spent The Day Screaming At A Vietnam War Hero

Morning Joe‘s Joe Scarborough criticized House Republicans Thursday morning for their behavior toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Republicans did their best to undermine Mueller’s findings about President Donald Trump and trotted out long-established talking points to discredit him.

“Optics don’t really matter here,” Scarborough said. “The Democrats got all the facts they needed, that the President of the United States acted inappropriately.”

“They should either start an impeachment inquiry or they should leave it for good,” he said. “If they don’t given all we heard yesterday, then obviously, nothing justifies an impeachment inquiry and the Democrats not starting that inquiry will be proving Trump right that he can do the equivalent of shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and nothing can be done about it.”

“The Republicans spent their day screaming at a guy who is a Vietnam War hero, a marine who’s in the ranger hall of fame because of the risks he took in Vietnam to save the lives of his band of brothers,” Scarborough said.

“A guy who got shot in Vietnam. His knees were so bad he couldn’t go to Vietnam but he trained hard to do everything he could do to go over to Vietnam. A guy who guided this country so ably through 9/11 that he was asked to stay on in an unprecedented way past 10 years.”

“That’s the American hero a lot of these losers were screaming at and yelling at. And afterwards, which I think is really sick, they were celebrating the fact that he’s obviously challenged by some condition. The fact that they were cheering that afterwards and talking about how he was struggling shows this how sick and how low Donald Trump’s Republican Party is now going.”

“How twisted it is,” Scarborough said. “It’s very sad.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.