Former Republican Activist: Trump Is A Cancer On America

Former Republican Activist: Trump Is A Cancer On America

A former Republican activist has written a blistering op-ed in USA Today. Jennifer Horn, former chairperson of the New Hampshire Republican Party, has denounced President Donald Trump’s racism and accused him of stealing her party.

“My heart breaks as I sit here today in the final moments of a slow, three-year realization that the party of Lincoln is nearly dead, consumed by the ugly, destructive conduct of a dishonest, corrupt man who wears the stolen badge of Republicanism, transforming a once-great party into a racist nationalist movement that uses hate and fear to divide and destroy,” Horn wrote.

Horn called Trump a ‘vainglorious narcissist’ following his rally in North Carolina, where he stood silently as the crowds chanted ‘Send her back!’ Horn seems to have been particularly disgusted by Trump’s recent behavior.

“This president is engaging in the worst kind of racism,” Horn said. “That is, he is using racist language in an attempt to enrage the masses and convince one American that another American is their enemy simply because they are different, and he is doing so to advance a political agenda and personal power.”

The op-ed referred to Trump as ‘a cancer on America’ and called on Republicans to condemn him. So far, hardly any high profile Republicans have criticized his racist remarks, while Republicans in the House stuck with Trump on a resolution condemning him.

“This presidency is a cancer on our republic. Elected Republicans in Congress have a greater responsibility than anyone else to stop its spread, and yet, they stand mute,” Horn wrote.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.