Mika Brzezinski: Trump Rally ‘Send Her Back’ Chants Are ‘Pure And Simple Evil’

Mika Brzezinski: Trump Rally ‘Send Her Back’ Chants Are ‘Pure And Simple Evil’

An emotional Mika Brzezinski warned Thursday morning that the US is beyond a dangerous place thanks to the Trump administration. The Morning Joe host expressed her disgust with President Donald Trump’s comments about sending Democratic congresswomen ‘back’ where they came from and the chants of ‘Send her back!’ at a Wednesday rally.

“You know, many are very concerned, many know a lot more about the rise of fascism and dictatorships and the precious — the preciousness of democracy and they believe that President Trump has let us down this path and he has been allowed to lead us down this path and has desensitized us to racism every step of the way,” Brzezinski said, at times appearing close to tears.

“Every time — every time he did it and there was no recourse, he created more danger for this country and I really — I try not to invoke my father because I could never live up to even be half who he was,” Brzezinski said. Her father was Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor.

“But people like my father and people like [former Secretary of State] Madeleine Albright who came here and made this country greater, to coin the President’s term, they will tell you that this is pure and simple evil and that someone is going to get hurt, whether it be someone in an office today or in a school or anywhere in America, someone is going to get hurt, whether they are hurt personally, emotionally, psychologically or physically.

“Let me just tell you, we’re not in a dangerous place, we are at a place where things are boiling over and this President is promulgating racism and violence. There’s no two ways about it and there are people who know a lot more about this than me who will say we are in not just a dangerous place, we’ve gone over the line.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.