Trump’s Fourth Of July Crowd Could Be As Disappointing As His Inauguration

Trump’s Fourth Of July Crowd Could Be As Disappointing As His Inauguration

President Donald Trump will celebrate the Fourth of July today with an extravaganza in Washington, DC. The event will feature military personnel, tanks and a speech from the President in front of the Lincoln Memorial. But there are concerns that the crowd will disappoint.

Some at the White House are worried that the Fourth of July celebrations will be a repeat of Trump’s inauguration in 2017 when a relatively small crowd attended. Photos comparing Trump’s crowd with Obama’s much larger attendance enraged Trump and led to Press Secretary Sean Spicer telling transparent lies about it.

The event is already controversial as the use of military parades is practically unknown in the US. Military chiefs are also concerned that they could end up violating Department of Defense guidelines if the day becomes overtly political.

Though the Trump administration has said the event will be a celebration of the country and the troops, there is reason to be sceptical. Even if the President’s speech as written is not political, Trump has a habit of going off script, particularly in front of a crowd.

If the turnout is less than Trump wants – and it looks like tickets to the private event haven’t sold either- the President may take to Twitter to vent his frustration. This would be highly inappropriate on Independence Day. It remains to be seen how many people will skip their Fourth of July barbecues to see Trump’s parade.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.