Trump Scores Badly With Key Voters On Taxes And Healthcare As Democrats See An Opening

Trump Scores Badly With Key Voters On Taxes And Healthcare As Democrats See An Opening

A Democratic research group will target President Donald Trump’s key supporters in an attempt to peal some of them away from the President. American Bridge will spend $50 million targeting Trump’s core supporters in the hope of moving the needle away from him.

The costly campaign is based on recent polling that shows Trump’s core demographic rating the President poorly on major policy issues like tax cuts and healthcare. The largely rural and small town voters gave Trump low ratings on issues like ‘cutting taxes for people like me’ and ‘reducing healthcare costs’.

“We’re trying to go from losing these segments 85-15 to maybe 75-25,” American Bridge’s President Bradley Beychock told Politico.

“2018 gave us some good indications, and there’s data that these voters are attainable. But they want you to reach them and speak to them in a localized manner. You have to compete for these folks every day, and you can’t wait until the general.”

It’s accepted wisdom among political commentators that Trump has locked down something around 35% of the vote but American Bridge believes they can convince just enough of the President’s core vote to make a significant difference in 2020.

Trump has failed to fulfil promises on providing improved healthcare and reducing drug prices, while the tax cuts he presided over disproportionately benefited the rich. If Trump-leaning voters are disappointed enough in the President’s performance, this could eat into his already small majority in crucial swing states.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.