‘Morning Joe’: Trump Will Get Much, Much Worse To Energize His Exhausted Supporters

‘Morning Joe’: Trump Will Get Much, Much Worse To Energize His Exhausted Supporters

President Donald Trump’s rhetoric is going to get a lot worse as the 2020 election approaches, according to MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The panel was discussing Trump’s overnight tweets attacking the media and threatening to deport millions of people.

“I think the question, Gene, going into 2020, is going to be whether the excitement’s still there for Trump, how much can you gin it up,” Joe Scarborough said.

“At some point even shows that have great runs like The Apprentice, at some point they just grow old and people turn away and go to another story,” he said.

“I wonder if you look at everything we’ve been talking about this morning whether that’s starting to happen here. I will say this, Trump people who still, when I ask are you still supporting him, they almost to a person go ‘love him, we voted for him, we’re going to vote for him again’ but then they’ll go ‘Oh, God, but his tweets make me so tired’. Almost to a person, he has exhausted them.”

“He really has,” the Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson said. “I think we, if anything, underestimate how desperate he’s getting already at the signs that there’s just Trump exhaustion out there, that the base is going to take a whole lot more stoking, even more stoking than he did last time, a lot more stoking, to get him out and in comparable numbers.”

“If you look at the — I saw some figures a few weeks ago on responses to his tweets,” Robinson said. “And that’s way down. There’s — people become desensitized over time and I think some people have become desensitized, others have just wandered away, others have been appalled by various things he’s done.”

“He looks really frantic right now, but I think we haven’t seen anything yet. I think it’s going to get much, much, much worse before it gets any better.”

Hosts Mike Brzezinski and Scarborough went on to discuss Trump’s frantic behavior and the ‘alternative reality’ Trump has created for a large number of his voters.

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor