Fox Anchor Reacts to Co-Host Blasting Sarah Sanders as a Liar: ‘Oh My Gosh, Get to the Commercial’

Fox Anchor Reacts to Co-Host Blasting Sarah Sanders as a Liar: ‘Oh My Gosh, Get to the Commercial’

At the tail end of a Friday segment on outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner quickly called for commercial as co-host Jessica Tarlov got in some pointed shots on Sanders — namely calling out the press secretary for lying to the press.

During Fox News chatfest Outnumbered, the majority of the panel — including the show’s “One Lucky Guy,” Fox News correspondent Ed Henry — spent most of a segment heaping praise on Sanders, who confirmed Thursday that she would be leaving the White House at the end of the month. They also felt the White House chief spokesperson was treated unfairly during her tenure.

“It was outrageous the way she was treated,” Henry exclaimed, prompting one panelist to reply: “Oh, it was despicable.”

“Sarah Sanders did a good job at the White House press secretary job because she’s smart, she’s tough and she’s so likable and I think that’s a hard combination to have,” co-host Lisa Boothe added. “I think it’s also probably good for President Trump to have another woman.”

Faulkner, meanwhile, said that President Obama acknowledged that the job of press secretary is a “tough, tough gig” while noting that Sanders “stayed quite a while.” With the segment coming to an end, Tarlov attempted to get in her take before they threw to break.

“There’s obviously a more complicated story as well of Sarah Sanders’ relationship to the press and lies that she may have told from the podium,” Tarlov said, causingco-host Dagen McDowell to shout: “Oh, Jess! Come on!”

As Tarlov explained that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that Sanders lied to the public, Faulkner could be heard ordering Tarlov to wrap it up and go to break.

“Oh my gosh, get to the commercial,” the Fox News anchor uttered.

Now, to be fair, they were obviously heading to break, so Faulkner’s remarks also need to be taken in that context. But it was apparent that the panel was not thrilled with Tarlov’s parting shot, and Faulkner’s reaction indicated she was perturbed over Tarlov calling Sanders a liar.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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