Trump Downplays American Gun Violence: British Hospitals Are “a Sea of Blood” Because of Stabbings

Trump Downplays American Gun Violence: British Hospitals Are “a Sea of Blood” Because of Stabbings

President Trump had quite the comeback for Piers Morgan’s arguments against Americans owning too many guns. And it appears to be that the British own too many knives, or something.

Morgan has long been a proponent of fewer guns in America, which has gotten him crosswise with his conservative brethren in the States. He tried to discuss the problem with Trump during his Wednesday interview on Good Morning Britain.

The gun comments start around the 26:35 mark:

“America has a particular issue with gun violence,’ Morgan said. “You and I have discussed this for years. There’s been a hundred and fifty mass shootings in America this year alone. In Britain we have thirty-five gun deaths a year. In America today there will be eighty-five. Tomorrow, eighty-five.”

Trump responded, “But in London you have stabbings all over. I read an article where everyone’s being stabbed.” He thrust his hand in a stabbing motion as he said this, just in case anyone missed the point.

“We’ve had fifty-odd murders with knives this year,” Morgan responded, not bothering to point out that is still a notably lower number than the 85 gun deaths per day he had just mentioned occur in America.

“They said your hospital is a sea of blood all over the floors,” Trump responded.

Boy, if the president thinks British hospitals are a “sea of blood” from stabbings, wait until he hears about trauma centers in America that treat all the gunshot victims the country produces.

Trump went on to talk about how bad guys are not getting rid of their guns, so unarmed law-abiding citizens are in danger if they do not also arm themselves.

“The one I think about the most is Paris,” Trump said. “Where that wacky group of people went into the nightclub, and they just, boom, boom, boom, they killed tremendous numbers of people.”

“Wacky group of people” is one way of describing members of ISIS carrying out a terrorist attack across the city of Paris, sure.

Watch the video above, via Good Morning Britain.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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