Fox’s Judge Nap: Mueller Laid Out Facts ‘Remarkably Similar’ to Impeachment Charges Against Nixon

Fox’s Judge Nap: Mueller Laid Out Facts ‘Remarkably Similar’ to Impeachment Charges Against Nixon

Judge Andrew Napolitano does not mince words.

Appearing on Fox Business’ Varney and Co. after Robert Mueller’s morning press conference, Napolitano told host Stuart Varney that the special counsel had essentially told the country that he “had evidence that he committed a crime but we couldn’t charge him because he’s the President of the United States.”

“This is even stronger than the language in his report,” Napolitano added. “This statement is one hundred and eighty degrees from the four-page statement that Bill Barr issued at the time he first saw the report.”

“Is it that bad?” Varney responded with shock.

Napolitano answered that he thinks so and added that he believes Mueller was saying he didn’t indict Trump only because a president cannot be indicted while in office.

The judge also said that while Mueller did not find enough evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt,” there is still strong evidence of a conspiracy, such as the “127 communications between Russian agents and Trump campaign officials in 2015 and 2016.

Then Napolitano went for the knockout punch: “The evidence he laid out is remarkably similar to the impeachment charges against Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.” For example, he noted the times when Nixon, Clinton and Trump all told members of their administration to lie to the FBI, resulting in their being impeached for obstruction of justice, at least in the case of the first two.

“These facts that he laid out are so substantially similar to the matured allegations against Nixon and Clinton, it’s clear where he was going,” Napolitano concluded.

Watch the clip up top, via Fox Business.


Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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