Fox’s Steve Doocy Badgers New Yorkers on Street, They Ignore Him Like He’s Got Cooties

Fox’s Steve Doocy Badgers New Yorkers on Street, They Ignore Him Like He’s Got Cooties

Fox & Friends sent Steve Doocy into the streets of Manhattan to interrupt a bunch of New Yorkers hurrying to work to ask what they think of a proposed law that would fine people for texting on their phones while walking across the street. Unsurprisingly, the whole bit went poorly.

Doocy first tries to talk to a young woman, who humors him for a moment. Asked how often she looks at her phone “with a text and things like that,” the woman responds “I try not to.” Doocy then badgers her for a bit longer before she says “I really don’t wanna,” presumably meaning she really doesn’t want to keep getting badgered by a creepy Fox News host shoving a microphone in her face.

Doocy then tries flagging down three separate men, one of whom is wearing earbuds and clearly using his phone to have a conversation, not text. All three men smartly ignore him.

Doocy finally flags down an older woman to ask how often she texts on her phone. She says “Never” and agrees that texting and walking is a big problem before telling Doocy she has to get to work at NBC.

Doocy gives it one more try, asking a young woman if he can talk to her. She blows him off.

So if you’re keeping score at home, Doocy asked six people for comment on this pressing issue. Four blew him off completely, one gave a reluctant answer before walking away, and the one person who seemed interested was someone who doesn’t use her phone for texting.

His conclusion? People in New York City are “way too busy.”

This being New York, it is perhaps most notable that people just ignored Doocy instead of yelling at him to fuck off.

Watch the clip up top, via Fox News.

h/t Bobby Lewis at Media Matters.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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