Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov: ‘It’s Republicans’ Fault for Twisting’ Rashida Tlaib’s Holocaust Comments

Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov: ‘It’s Republicans’ Fault for Twisting’ Rashida Tlaib’s Holocaust Comments

Discussing Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) recent comments in which she said she had a “kind of calming feeling” that Palestinians helped provide a safe haven for Jews after the Holocaust, Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov pushed back against her Outnumbered colleagues’ criticism that Tlaib’s remarks could be seen as antisemitic or controversial amid uproar from Republicans.


TARLOV: I thought she was very clear that she in no way felt calmed by the Holocaust. She used the word “Tragedy” three words later. If you listen to the whole clip, which I know all of us did, she’s very clear about the atrocity that it’s a Holocaust. There are two things going on here. One, the twisting of her words in that sense. Your mind and me of what happened with Ilhan Omar think some people did something about 9/11 and talking about the reaction to Muslims in America. Then turning that into that she was in favor of 9/11 and she doesn’t care.

And Rashida Tlaib’s for a one-state solution page talks about policy preferences in line with Hamas. That means our difference. It’s a violent group, she’s not advocating for violence. Again, this is the slippery slope. When Republicans pounce like that — and Steve Scalise, Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney — they take her words out of context. Less people making comments about the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, it gives them a root to saying, “You just took me out of context. I’m not addressing the rest of it.” You need to be very, very careful about what you are doing there.

BRIAN KILMEADE (FOX NEWS HOST, ‘ONE LUCKY GUY’): What the hell is she talking about? Look, calming feeling and the Holocaust. I listened to everything. She should have said, “It’s my fault for not being clear.” That was clear? “A calming feeling when I look at the Holocaust and Palestinians gave their land but they shouldn’t have —“

TARLOV: She’s historically inaccurate about the relationship between Palestinians and Jews in that period, but she’s very clear she in no way felt calm at the murder of 6 million Jews.

KILMEADE: Who would ever use “calming effect” thinking of the Holocaust? Who could ever use that? It’s her fault for not being clear about one of the most —

TARLOV: It’s Republicans fault for twisting that!

KILMEADE: What is twisting about that?

MELISSA FRANCIS: (FOX NEWS HOST): Calming was probably not a great choice of but it seems to me what she was trying to — she was trying to make the point that Palestinians lost something, too. Her ancestors lost something.

KENNEDY (FOX BUSINESS HOST): And that’s probably her personal history. It’s probably what she grew up believing, and she had grandparents the people around her telling her that this is what happened. That they were displaced, they suffered hardship. Everyone does that. Everyone does it. Everyone has their own personal history. Some of it is completely made up. Look at Elizabeth Warren. I don’t doubt that Elizabeth Warren truly believed in her heart that she is Native American. I don’t doubt that. You have generations of people who perpetuate that.

That’s not the problem with Rashida Tlaib. It’s that she does have an implicit bias, that she has to be very careful of. And people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who have a tendency to say incendiary things, they can’t be surprised when their words are obstructed and shown to the rest of the world as being somehow — this is what they really believe. When you are a lightning rod like that, you have to be much more careful, emphasize, if you don’t want your words taken out of context.

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Contemptor Staff

Contemptor Staff