Fox & Friends’ Guest Cites 9/11 To Defend Saying ‘God Bless America’ In Schools

Fox & Friends’ Guest Cites 9/11 To Defend Saying ‘God Bless America’ In Schools

Fox & Friends devoted a segment Tuesday morning to a Pennsylvania school that won’t sing ‘God Bless America’. The school’s decision was strongly criticised by the Fox News hosts and guest, Jeremy Dys, Deputy General Counsel for First Liberty.

Dys took the time to promote his organization’s website while also giving grave warnings about what might happen if public utterances of faith are eliminated. Though there was no suggestion in the original report that this was part of a wider trend, Fox & Friends used it as an excuse for some patriotic fervor.

Dys and the hosts suggested that the school had been forced into the decision by letters from organizations opposed to the use of religious phrases in schools.

“Look, when we bow to those kind of demands, that kind of bullying tactic that we get rid of these phrases that have been so long a part of our nation’s history, we begin to undermine the very freedoms that have made this country grand and have led to people like Irving Berlin to even put that song together and make those words put together here as well,” Dys said.

“There is no reason for us to get rid of these phrases,” he said. “In fact, I would encourage folks to continue to use not only God bless America but in God we trust, remind ourselves how great the words ‘under God’ are in the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt then said how, as a Christian, using these phrases was important to her, and she didn’t want to take God out of America.

“I feel like we need Him, when when you have shootings in synagogues and, you know, shootings in churches and you have to get wanded before you walk into a church now/ Where have we come as a country? What’s going to happen if we continue to push this narrative to take God out of everything?”

“Well, I fear. I fear for our country if we were to get rid of these things entirely,” Dys said. “When we have groups like the one you mentioned earlier that are intent on getting rid of any kind of public utterance of religion in public ,that’s a danger to our society here.”

“For that matter, I’m wondering if they’re so upset about the phrase God bless America, is the school district there in Pennsylvania, that is frankly not too far away from where those flights went down on 9/11, are they going to get rid of the dollar bills that have in God we trust on them? Are they going to start punishing teachers for saying God bless you to students that sneeze in the hallway? This is absurd and it should be treated as absurd. When people say the grass is pink it’s not based on any kind of reality, just like they say God bless America is unconstitutional, there is no reality that supports that.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor